Multi-Domestic Service powered by GMA

M2M management with the GMA Multi-Domestic Service

Global M2M Association

A solution for global players, the Multi-Domestic Service is how the Global M2M Association (GMA) enables global providers of M2M and IoT services.

With the GMA’s Multi-Domestic Service, global and convenient deployment of best-in-class connectivity services is no longer a dream. The association of numerous first-rate international mobile network operators helps globally operating companies to market their connected products even better. 

GMA: your global M2M partner

First-rate network quality and M2M and IoT competence enable GMA members Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telia Company, SoftBank Mobile Corp, Bell, and Swisscom to provide this innovative service. The Association is based on a service cooperation agreement between Tier 1 operators. Its aim is to provide convenient and seamless M2M services around the world and over multiple leading operators in order to maximize the business benefits for customers.

Cooperation with Bridge Alliance

A further step in this direction is the cooperation agreed in 2016 between the GMA and the Bridge Alliance. It enables customer to get worldwide M2M services form leading operators over one harmonized infrastructure and platform. The Bridge Alliance’s footprint is a perfect match for the GMA’s: 35 leading mobile network operators from the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa complement the GMA footprint in an optimal way.

The Multi-Domestic Service: One platform, one SIM card, one experience

The Multi-Domestic Service enables all providers of connected solutions to deploy their connected services easily and future-proof. From cars and wearables to smart solutions for logistics, security or public services, the GMA service is attractive for all manufacturers of M2M-enabled products that want to deploy on a global scale and have a consistent service experience over multiple Tier 1 operators. The combination of a universal eSIM with profiles of the GMA members and a global management platform is innovative and uncomplicated for manufacturers all over the world.

Efficient management via one single service platform

Key features of the Multi-Domestic Service are ease of provision and management and the deployment of connected products. Companies benefit from the Multi-Domestic Service platform because it guarantees constantly good functionalities and service in the footprint of GMA and Bridge Alliance partners. They can manage, monitor, support and fix bugs in their connected, globally operated devices efficiently in real time. Powerful administrative functions that include flexible specification of individual roles and views in accordance with business requirements make the platform an extremely useful management tool. A dedicated core system over all partners ensures a consistent and harmonized set of existing features as well as constant deployment of new and innovative functionalities for worldwide best-in-class M2M and IoT services.

Intelligent, remote-controllable SIM

A universal eSIM (eUICC) can be managed over the air via the service platform. Instant Lifecycle Management matches the SIM card automatically in the course of its life cycle to the status of the connected products – from production site tests and distribution to a second user. The platform supports localization on one of the partner networks once the distribution of connected devices starts. This allows enterprises and end-customers to benefit from local conditions – pricing, data usage and other services such as local info- and entertainment.

The big benefit: simplicity and convenience

Uncomplicated product management in spite of different networks and operators, requirements and guidelines makes the Multi-Domestic Service its users’ delight. Above all, a consistent solution across different networks and countries makes product launch times shorter for manufacturers. M2M devices can be developed around the world independently of location and yet fulfill end consumers’ expectations of local offerings. Efficient provision and management of services at a global level reduces the total cost of ownership.

Safety first and foremost

GMA Multi-Domestic Service customers are on the safe side primarily by virtue of the first-class network coverage. The top international network operators involved have a unique network coverage and leading LTE implementation. They can offer an outstanding quality of service based on superb high-speed networks. In addition, the Multi-Domestic Service guarantees best in class, operator-overarching service management in, for example, complaint and incident management. The service is future-safe too. Compliance with local regulations and statutory requirements is ensured, including, say, countries where permanent roaming is not permitted. 

“This initiative is a leading example of how the complex process of global device connection can be simplified. It will benefit both companies and users and will ultimately boost growth rates in the IoT market” (Matt Hatton, founder and CEO of Machina Research)

Simple, global access to connected products is a great leap forward, and not just for end customers who want to benefit from local conditions of their M2M-enabled devices. It is an important innovation especially for providers who thanks to the Multi-Domestic Service can manufacture globally and sell locally. By means of simple management and shorter product launch times the GMA also promotes the development of new connected solutions.

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