Remote Monitoring and Control of Control Unit Cooling Solutions

Pfannenberg: Cooling solutions report for maintenance

Pfannenberg cooling solutions for electrical enclosures report for maintenance in time – by M2M communication with the Cloud of Things.

The control unit’s cooling system has been running continuously for weeks unnoticed. Suddenly it cuts out with an error alarm. For cooling devices from Pfannenberg this scenario is now past history. Thanks to the M2M connection with the Telekom Cloud of Things, customers of the manufacturer of cooling solutions for control units now find out in real time whether their unit is working to schedule. Or they receive an automatic service appointment suggestion. In this way the machine pool can be monitored efficiently.

Pfannenberg can also access eCool X series control unit coolers remotely and service them remotely anytime, anywhere or install updates. That cuts costs and keeps downtimes to a minimum. The M2M solution sends sensor data in real time via the mobile network to Telekom’s secure cloud servers, where the platform collects and analyzes the data and processes it for presentation on the online dashboard. Via a Web browser the user can access information anytime, anywhere – information such as temperatures and speeds of individual parts such as the compressor or the fan.

Photo Source: Christian Wyrwa