Steam Generators Efficiently Serviced and Optimally Set

60 sensors and the Telekom Cloud of Things help Certuss to service its customers’ steam generators preventively and to set them optimally.

Certuss steam generators steam-clean surgical instruments in hospitals, heat sausages at the butcher’s or moisten plastic during manufacture. The challenge is that the generators are often located out of sight and cannot be viewed directly. The Telekom Cloud of Things brings them into field of vision. Service technicians can monitor and service them preventively from afar, faults are quickly, or even prior to occurrence, rectified, and outages are infrequent. Data evaluated enables the generators to be set precisely to the customer’s individual usage habits. This saves fuel and, in the long term, money.

Certuss maintains its generators efficiently and protects them from outages without needing to check them manually all the time. Sensors measure a total of 60 parameters such as pressure, temperature, combustion conditions, and water parameters. Saved to the Cloud of Things and analyzed by its data analytics, the software alerts Certuss if anything is wrong before an outage occurs and shows, in the long term, how faults arise.

Photo source: Rainer Holz