M2M solutions benefit a wide range of industries. With Deutsche Telekom’s expert knowledge of each sector we help our customers to generate best results.



Certuss: Steam Generators Efficiently Serviced and Optimally Set

60 sensors and the Telekom Cloud of Things help Certuss to service its customers’ steam generators preventively and to set them optimally.

DAL: Smart Overseas Containers Report via Mobile Network

DAL keeps an eye on its containers. Thanks to M2M connections the shipping company is now notified several times a day where and in what condition its customers’ goods are in.

Pfannenberg: Cooling Solutions Report for Maintenance

Pfannenberg cooling solutions for electrical enclosures report for maintenance in time – by M2M communication with the Cloud of Things.

Hubtex: Full Service for Hubtex Forklift Trucks

Hubtex forklift trucks and transporters are individually configured special vehicles. Thanks to the Cloud of Things they are well protected from costly outages.