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news From machine to machine: Five facts about connectivity  
...Reliable, large-scale communication networks are the basis of successful machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. All about M2M has compiled five interesting facts about connectivity.  
external External: Netherlands Machine-to-Machine  
...Netherlands Machine-to-Machine Machine-to-Machine (IoT) | T-Mobile Zakelijk dataLayer = [{"Request":{"Environment":"prod","Login":"not logged...  
page Vending Machine  
- Industries | Security | Remote Surveillance- Industries | Retail & Commerce | Mobile PaymentBetter Customer ServiceThe customer may be king, but until now it has been difficult to adjust  
news How M2M Is Changing Machine Maintenance  
... 35 percent of the total cost of a machine. But this proportion could be about to decline thanks to machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and the Internet of Things.Machinery and equipment manufacturers...  
news Interview with Alexander Lautz: "Reliable and inexpensive from the machine to the server"  
The Internet of Things is on the advance in nearly all areas of life. Until now it has often been telecommunications companies like Deutsche Telekom that have taken development forward via  
news Think out of the Box - When Cows Start Texting  
... check the birth.We text at least two messages per day, but did you know that cows can text too? M2M, machine-to-machine communication, is the key and impacts almost all aspects of modern life and work – from...  
news Deutsche Telekom at CeBIT 2015  
... were several M2M use cases that displayed the wide array of possibilities how Machine-to-Machine is a value to areas like engineering and production.One of the highlights was...  
page Vending Telemetry  
Industries: Retail & CommerceAt a glance Attractive pricing Large corporate as a stable, reliable partner End-to-end solution including device and connectivity Cloud-based solution – No IT  
page About M2M  
...Key facts Machine-to-Machine communication Remote access to and control of plant, machinery and systems thanks to the Internet of Things Enhances quality of life and adapts to the requirements of the information...  
news How IoT and AI go hand in hand  
Google, Facebook, Microsoft – all the big players in the digital industry invest currently in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Of course they don’t spend billions just for the fun of it: AI  
page What is M2M? Deutsche Telekom  
NB-IOT PROTOTYPING HUB KRAKOWHOTSPOT DRIVECLOUD OF THINGSNARROWBAND IOTNARROWBAND IOT NB-IoT ist die ideale Technologie für Low-Power-Wide-Area (LPWA)-Anwendungen, die einen zuverlässigen  
news How the Internet of Things is Changing the Vending Business  
In the vending industry telemetry solutions were long considered to be half-baked and too expensive. Since then, solutions have resolved the initial problems and now help operators to increase the  
page Manufacturing  
Insights | Industrial InternetOur Offering | Cloud of ThingsOur Offering | M2M Service PortalProactive maintenance If faults are identified at an early stage, plant outages can be reduced or  
news Connected Christmas  
... to enjoy this special season - but how do you celebrate it trouble-free? The answer is: with machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.  
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