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news Connected Car: “Appetite Grows with Eating”  
The automobile industry is stepping up the pace for the connected car, but which functions do motorists really want to use? We interview Detlev Mohr, Senior Partner at the consulting company McKinsey  
page HotSpot Drive  
Consumer Electronics: EntertainmentVehicle Telematics: Driver-related ServicesVehicle Related ServicesMobile internet both at home and abroad with Telekom’s HotSpot DriveHotSpot Drive enables  
news Plugging cars into the Internet  
As drivers receive traffic information in real time, their passengers are busy reading Facebook and watching videos; a connected car makes it possible. But the performance of a mobile Internet  
news Crowdfunding as a pool of ideas for the Internet of Things  
With 112,000 successful projects, 12 million supporters, and nearly $2.6 billion invested, the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has made innovative ideas come true for seven years, and creative  
news From machine to machine: Five facts about connectivity  
Reliable, large-scale communication networks are the basis of successful machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. All about M2M has compiled five interesting facts about connectivity.1. Low Power  
page Vehicle Related Services  
Industries | Vehicle Telematics | Driver-Related ServicesIndustries | Transport & LogisticsKey facts Swift breakdown assistance Predictive maintenance Warning of accident risksM2M keeps a  
page Driver-related Services  
Industries | Transport & Logistics |Industries | Vehicle Telematics | Vehicle-related ServicesNavigation systems provide automatic information en routeThanks to GPS the navigation unit is always  
news Connected Driving: From a Phantom to an Autonomous Living Room on Wheels  
In the early days of the automobile era, people wanted a means of transportation that could drive under its own engine power. Motorists then felt the need for assistance with steering. Now that  
page Localization  
Industries | Vehicle Telematics | Fleet ManagementIndustries | Transport & Logistics | Vehicle / Freight TrackingInsights | Narrow Band IoTIndustries | HealthcareGPS trackers as life  
news Consumers Discover the Internet of Things  
Companies have so far determined the demand for M2M and IoT solutions. That is now changing. A recent study shows that more and more end consumers are interested in connected products. What is  
news Impressions from Mobile World Congress 2015  
In the past week experts from the mobile and communications industry gathered in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress to learn about new innovations. More than 2,000 exhibitors showcased their  
news Five TED Talks on the Internet of Things  
How the Internet of Things develops in the future will depend not only on technologies. Visions and ideas that take a differentiated, and at times critical, approach to the connected world are of  
news GMA bursts boundaries on the Internet of Things  
Developing M2M solutions works best when they leave neither the provider’s network nor its country during application. If they need to leave either or if the solution ought to be easily deployed for  
news All about M2M – the Highlights of 2016  
From the Cloud of Things to Narrowband IoT: 2016 has been a year full of major events, announcements, interviews and new developments in the Internet of Things. Join us on a journey through the most  
news Data protection on the Internet of Things: Interview with Dr. Volker Lüdemann  
We need a data protection authority along the lines of the food inspection agency, says Dr. Volker Lüdemann, Professor of Commercial and Competition Law at the University of Osnabrück and since  
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