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m2mevents Event: Webinar: Narrowband IoT - New Network as a Game-Changer for the IoT  
...What is Narrowband IoT, how does the new wireless network technology work, and why is it a milestone for the Internet of Things?  
news Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) for Smart Parking  
... cost and wasted fuel. But a smart parking solution could solve these problems. Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) with its characteristics is a suitable technology for smart parking in the city.  
page Narrowband IoT  
... examples prove that there is a strong demand for future-safe, reliable technologies like Narrowband IoT and that a new market with new business models is opening up for business enterprises.Timetable for a...  
page NarrowBand IoT  
...NARROWBAND IOT  The Game Changer for the Internet of ThingsNarrowBand IOTWhite paper on the groundbreaking network technologyWhite goods monitoring: More convenience and new business models are possible with...  
news M2M and IoT – Where are they taking us?  
... that can be fed into ongoing product development.5. Cooperation as the recipe for successMany IoT and M2M solutions can only be implemented by means of cross-industry partnerships. Hardware and software...  
news Why Crowdfunding for Your IoT Project  
From coffee makers and refrigerators that tweet to BBQ thermometers that are connected, in the maker movement the Internet of Things has fallen on fertile ground. In blogs and forums, makers discuss  
securedfile NarrowBand IoT Whitepaper (English)  
...NarrowBand IoT Whitepaper (English)NARROWBAND IOTGroundbreakinG in the internet of thinGs2CONTeNTsnarrowband iot CONTeNTsIntroduction...  
news Narrowband- IoT for Smart Waste  
... filled. But what if our waste collection service would only show up if it’s needed? Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) could be the solution.  
news Market Analysis: NarrowBand IoT  
...Now that NarrowBand IoT is standardized and first test trials have successfully been implemented, the technology is ready for rollout. But there are other competing Low Power Wide Area networks: Which position will...  
news Narrowband IoT for Smart Metering  
... history. But the costs of a smart metering system should not be neglected. By using Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology an economical alternative will be possible.  
m2mevents Event: IoT World Europe  
...The IoT World is the largest event in Europe for IoT industry leaders. This year the organizers are expecting over 100 exhibitors and startups from 30 countries, more than 300 speakers, and over 1,000 conference...  
m2mevents Event: M2M/IoT Forum CEE  
... industry leaders and innovators to present visitors the latest developments in the M2M and IoT business.  
news Narrowband IoT for Consumer Goods Tracking  
... elderly or nursing care, looking after your kids or even having an eye on your pet. With Narrowband IoT technology (NB-IoT) all these use cases can be realized more effective than with current mobile network...  
news Narrowband IoT for valuable goods tracking  
... to know where their highly valuable goods like containers, trucks or wagons are. NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) can be the perfect solution for very low-cost track and trace use cases.  
news Forecast: The IoT key developments in 2017  
... number of devices, gateways, sensors and connections increasing rapidly. While 2016 was a year of IoT trials, in 2017 companies will begin to monetize their IoT solutions by increasing productivity and...  
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