Vending Telemetry

How to optimize operations of vending machines

Vending Telemetry

The overall number of vending machines in Europe is stagnating. To stay competitive, operators need to optimize their offerings. With telemetry solutions they can plan, analyze, monitor and control their business.

The need for higher sales, fewer outages and more effective machine management makes telemetry solutions increasingly important for vending machine operators. With M2M-based solutions they can optimize their offerings.

Vending machines with remote access

In conjunction with partner Vendon, Deutsche Telekom offers a complete and secure ready-to-use M2M solution creating new ways to earn profits with vending machines. Remote monitoring of vending machines, for example, enables operators to identify technical and logistical problems at an early stage and keep outages to a minimum. Data is transmitted via a cellphone connection in Deutsche Telekom’s highly available mobile network. Operators can retrieve vending machine data at any time by PC or smartphone. A practical aspect is that existing machines can be retrofitted swiftly and easily by means of a module.

Flexible price adjustment

A further advantage of remote access is that if vending machines show their prices electronically, operators can change the prices while the machine is still running. To boost sales they can offer time-limited promotional prices, for example, or respond to current demand. Filling stations and others adjust prices flexibly in much the same way.

Access to vending machines’ latest data also makes business operations more transparent because operators can follow sales activities and cash flows in real time. In addition, analysis of vending machine data offers sales growth potential. Operators can examine data from the best vending machines in their fleet to identify their success factors and transfer them to other machines. They can also find out how much a specific product generates in sales. If a product is a poor seller, the vending machine operator can take appropriate counter-measures.

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