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Street Lighting Management

Management for more efficient street lighting.





Streetlights account for more than 40 percent of municipalities' energy bills. Since legislative institutions have issued directives for economical lighting systems, the shift to more efficient solutions is an inevitable challenge for many cities across the world. The EU Commission's Regulation EC 245/2009 requires approximately 100 million street lamps to be replaced within the EU by 2015.




To realize cost- and energy efficient lighting solutions, lighting control systems need to be deployed. These systems enable cities to gain remote control of all connected street lights. They can program their cycles for turning on and off, define criteria for dimming behaviors and make sure that citizens feel secure thanks to convincing lighting concepts.



Why Deutsche Telekom?


  • Open and multi-purpose infrastructure
  • Future-proof communication backbone
  • Open standards boost the local economy
  • No initial investment required
  • All-inclusive package


Your Benefits


  • Remote control of street lamps
  • Improve level of service to citizens
  • Create a sustainable infrastructure
  • Curb costs
  • Leverage lampposts as communication backbone


How does it work?





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