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From car thieves to hackers

Keyless locking systems and radio keys – convenient, but also an invitation to digital car theft. Car thieves are becoming car hackers. Instead of crowbars and slim jims, thieves today are using amplifier technology. Tracks? Not a single one. Are car manufacturers making things too easy for thieves? How can digitally equipped cars be protected? Find out more

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Smart city – clean city

Making recycling more efficient and profitable: This is EcoBins’ strategy to save the environment. The tool to do so? Smart networked recycling containers. They work especially cost effective and reliable with the emerging network technology NarrowBand IoT. Deutsche Telekom’s NB-IoT Prototyping Hub supported the Polish start-up in adapting their solution to it. Find out more

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M2M on the high seas

Transparency and planning security are crucial to container shipping. For a pilot project, the Hamburg shipping line DAL and Deutsche Telekom connected maritime containers to monitor location and condition of the cargo. Find out more

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NarrowBand IoT lights up the world

The right amount of light when and where needed: That’s what Flashnet, a Romanian start-up, offers with its smart lighting solution. Their new approach is using the emerging network technology NarrowBand IoT to do so even better and more cost-effective. At Deutsche Telekom’s NB-IoT Prototyping Hub they got the support they needed to adapt their product to it. Find out more

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The real buzz: NarrowBand IoT in agriculture

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live”: This famous quote – often attributed to Albert Einstein – expresses how important healthy bees are for sustainability and the environment. To keep them alive and well, the Montenegrin start-up BeeAnd.Me uses NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) to operate a smart bee monitoring solution. Find out more

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Automatically efficient: Pfannenberg’s networked cooling units

Innovation by automation: Pfannenberg connects its thermal management solutions for switch cabinets to the cloud. This results in lower costs, fewer outages, and individual settings. Find out more

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Full Steam Ahead into the Cloud

Steam generators helped launch the Industrial Revolution some 150 years ago. These days, Industry 4.0 is linking them to the Internet of Things (IoT), where they can automatically send their data into the cloud. The German company CERTUSS uses machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and an IoT platform to remotely monitor its cutting-edge steam generators. Find out more

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Protecting Connected Cars from Hackers

Opening locks without a crowbar, manipulating the brakes, surfing for free via a vehicle’s SIM card: IT experts are constantly uncovering how hackers can take control of a connected car. What can the automotive industry do to stop it? Find out more

oneM2M standardizes the Machine-to-Machine Market

Industry 4.0 promises more transparency, more efficiency and higher profits overall. But for this to work, all machines in the system must be connected. The problem? The many different components are manufactured by a wide variety of companies. To guarantee smooth processes, a common communication standard is called for. With oneM2M, Deutsche Telekom is looking to achieve exactly this, in cooperation with strong partners. Find out more


Embedded World 2017: Great interest in NarrowBand IoT and the Cloud of Things

As an integrated solution partner for M2M and the Internet of Things, we are fully embedded in the IoT projects of our customers. So, us attending the Embedded World 2017 was obvious. Find out more


Innovation at the NB-IoT Prototyping Hub

New products for a new network: A select group of start-ups working at Deutsche Telekom’s NB-IoT Prototyping Hub is creating innovative solutions for the new networking technology Narrowband IoT. They will present their latest products on March 16 in Bonn. Find out more


Deutsche Telekom at MWC 2017

New technologies and new partnerships: Deutsche Telekom presents its big leaps at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). In announcing its cooperation with China Unicom as well as its commitment to the emerging networks 5G and NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT), the company underlines its technological leadership role. Find out more

User Interfaces: “User experience is becoming more important”

Dr. Michael Burmester has been a professor of ergonomics and usability at the Stuttgart Media University since 2002. In an interview, he explains why the user experience for user interfaces is becoming more important and how virtual reality and computer voice commands will drastically change the way we work. Find out more


Mobile World Congress 2017: Feel Connected All Over Europe

NarrowBand IoT: One of our focus topics for 2017. We forge ahead with the new networking technology and present therefore solutions and use cases at the most innovative trade fairs this spring. One of them: the Mobile World Congress 2017. Find out more

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Clean air for everyone

Polluted air – you can’t see it, but it could be deadly. The Israeli start-up RadGreen developed an easy to use solution to monitor environments for the presence of hazards. With the strategic cooperation with Deutsche Telekom – and connectivity in its Narrowband IoT network – RadGreen sets out to revolutionize smart cities all over Europe. Find out more

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Smart Materials for the Internet of Things

Sensors – within the Internet of Things they measure temperature and pressure inside machines, identify open windows and doors, or monitor blood pressure and heart rate. Now, new technologies enable the production of smart materials that can both serve as sensors and actuators. Find out more

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Market Analysis: NarrowBand IoT

Now that NarrowBand IoT is standardized and first test trials have successfully been implemented, the technology is ready for rollout. But there are other competing Low Power Wide Area networks: Which position will NB-IoT take? How big is the market potential in different segments? Find out more

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How IoT and AI go hand in hand

Google, Facebook, Microsoft – all the big players in the digital industry invest currently in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Of course they don’t spend billions just for the fun of it: AI is capable to revolutionize industries. And with the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), AI and IIoT can mutually stimulate each other. Find out more

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Narrowband IoT for valuable goods tracking

For logistics providers, transportation or railway companies it’s essential to know where their highly valuable goods like containers, trucks or wagons are. NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) can be the perfect solution for very low-cost track and trace use cases. Find out more

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Forecast: The IoT key developments in 2017

2016 was the year industries increasingly recognized the possibilities of the Internet of Things and M2M communication for their business. Let’s see what we can expect for 2017. Find out more

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All about M2M – the Highlights of 2016

From the Cloud of Things to Narrowband IoT: 2016 has been a year full of major events, announcements, interviews and new developments in the Internet of Things. Join us on a journey through the most interesting topics of our ‘All About M2M’ blog. Find out more

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Connected Christmas

For some people, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, with long walks in the snow, delicious food and the family gathered around the Christmas tree. There are plenty of reasons to enjoy this special season - but how do you celebrate it trouble-free? The answer is: with machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Find out more

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Narrowband IoT for Smart Metering

Tired of taking a day off just because the meter-reading service is coming? With a smart meter that’s history. But the costs of a smart metering system should not be neglected. By using Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology an economical alternative will be possible. Find out more

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How Smart Airports use the IoT to improve Passenger Experience

As flying is becoming cheaper every year, passenger traffic at airports is increasing - and airport operators are struggling to cope with these masses. The Internet of Things is the only solution to not only manage an airport efficiently but also to enhance the passenger experience. Find out more

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Narrowband IoT for Consumer Goods Tracking

Tracking devices more and more play a helpful role in finding stolen or lost goods. In addition, they can support elderly or nursing care, looking after your kids or even having an eye on your pet. With Narrowband IoT technology (NB-IoT) all these use cases can be realized more effective than with current mobile network solutions. Find out more


Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

Where will we be living in the future? Cities, as the habitat of a huge part of the world’s population, are facing today new challenges. Smart city technology, presented at the Smart City Expo WORLD CONGRESS (SCEWC 2016) in Barcelona, helps to meet them. Find out more

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How the Internet of Things is changing product development and design

The Internet of Things represents a radical change for product development and design. The development process of a product no longer ends with its market launch. Instead companies need to steadily improve their customer’s experiences. Find out more

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Voice, gesture, look: How will we operate devices and machines in the future?

From TV sets and stereo systems to lighting, we are now operating more and more devices by smartphone or even voice commands. 3D glasses and data gloves are used to provide support in Industry 4.0. Do connected devices on the Internet of Things still need a user interface of their own or will the classical interface soon be superseded as we control all systems by voice or movements of the hand or head? Find out more

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Narrowband- IoT for Smart Waste

Garbage trucks are fully integrated in our everyday life: Every week on the same day they wake us up in the morning by noisily doing their job, and afterwards our waste bins are empty – whether or not they have been completely filled. But what if our waste collection service would only show up if it’s needed? Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) could be the solution. Find out more

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Crowdfunding as a pool of ideas for the Internet of Things

With 112,000 successful projects, 12 million supporters, and nearly $2.6 billion invested, the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has made innovative ideas come true for seven years, and creative minds are constantly coming up with new projects for the Internet of Things as well. Find out more

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Connected Car: “Appetite Grows with Eating”

The automobile industry is stepping up the pace for the connected car, but which functions do motorists really want to use? We interview Detlev Mohr, Senior Partner at the consulting company McKinsey and co-author of a survey of German, American, and Chinese car buyers. Find out more

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Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) for Smart Parking

Searching for a parking spot in a crowded city center can at times be annoying and time-consuming. According to studies, drivers aimlessly looking for a place to park cause up to 30 percent of all urban traffic congestion – not to mention the environmental cost and wasted fuel. But a smart parking solution could solve these problems. Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) with its characteristics is a suitable technology for smart parking in the city. Find out more

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Connected Driving: From a Phantom to an Autonomous Living Room on Wheels

In the early days of the automobile era, people wanted a means of transportation that could drive under its own engine power. Motorists then felt the need for assistance with steering. Now that connected, self-driving cars will soon be the norm, let us look back at the history of the connected car. Find out more

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Plugging cars into the Internet

As drivers receive traffic information in real time, their passengers are busy reading Facebook and watching videos; a connected car makes it possible. But the performance of a mobile Internet connection relies heavily on the technology it uses. Find out more

M2M standardization: “The world is no longer black and white. It is at least gray, if not a coat of many colors.”

An interview with Professor Dr. Axel Sikora, Scientific Director of the Institute of Reliable Embedded Systems and Communication Electronics (ivESK) at the University of Applied Sciences, Offenburg, Deputy Member of the Board of the Hahn-Schickard Association of Applied Research, Villingen-Schwenningen, and Board member of the M2M Alliance e.V. Find out more


On the road to the digital future

The Web has fundamentally changed the way we communicate. With the Internet of Things the way we interact with our surroundings is changing as well. The Internet helps us with current challenges such as demographic change, but it is also shaking the very foundations of society. Find out more

“Unclear standards inhibit willingness to invest”

An interview with Professor Dr. Axel Sikora, Scientific Director of the Institute of Reliable Embedded Systems and Communication Electronics (ivESK) at the University of Applied Sciences, Offenburg, Deputy Board Member of the Hahn-Schickard Association of Applied Research, Villingen-Schwenningen, and Board member of the M2M Alliance e.V. Find out more

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Narrow Band-IoT - a new standardized cellular technology optimized to enable the Internet of Things

To date, many IoT applications have lacked a cellular technology for the “simple” things that is inexpensive, yet provides wide coverage, deep indoor penetration and long battery life. Narrow Band-IoT (NB-IoT) will bridge this gap. In a multi-part series, we will explain exactly how NB-IoT works and when and how the technology can be used. Find out more


Gateways build communication bridges

To enable different manufacturers’ terminal devices to communicate with each other on the Internet of Things, translators are required. Gateways perform this task, orchestrating data interchange between Internet-enabled things – be they production machines on a factory shop floor, sensors in central heating systems, or security cameras. Find out more

Data protection on the Internet of Things: Interview with Dr. Volker Lüdemann

We need a data protection authority along the lines of the food inspection agency, says Dr. Volker Lüdemann, Professor of Commercial and Competition Law at the University of Osnabrück and since November 2014 chairman of the university’s Ethics Commission, in an interview with All about M2M. On the Internet of Things everything can communicate with everything; it connects the physical world with the world of information. In sharing sensor data smart devices chat incessantly and imperceptibly about users’ behavior. Find out more


IoT Day: Long Live Simplicity

On April 9 the IoT Council is holding another IoT Day. There will be events all over the world at which the community will discuss the Internet of Things and its implications for the economy, society, and culture. When the IoT Council planned the day back in 2011, entry into the world of IoT was difficult. Fortunately, the hurdles are now lower. But there is still plenty of work ahead. Find out more


CeBIT 2016: Digitization. Simply. Make it happen.

Ready for the digital transformation: Until March 18, managers and decision makers can find out all about the most important innovations in and around the digital transformation of all industrial sectors, the Internet of Things, and security in a digitized economy and society. Find out more


Mobile World Congress 2016: Summit Meeting of the Mobile Industry

With more than 2,200 exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors from 204 countries, the Who’s Who of the mobile and allied industries met again at the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC), held from February 22 to 25. And Deutsche Telekom was there, of course. Find out more


embedded world 2016: We make things talk

The smartphone shows you where a parking space is still available, controls your domestic heating remotely or helps you to find a dog that has gone missing. Telekom is showcasing at this year’s embedded world in Nuremberg the network technology that will make all of this possible. An interactive model table will show the shape of things to come. The technical equipment that these IoT networks require will be explained by Dr. Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M, Deutsche Telekom, in his keynote address to the congress that accompanies the trade fair. Find out more

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Cloud and fog collaborate closely for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is setting new clock rates in M2M communications. In both the private and the business sector new applications are taking shape that frequently require ultrafast data processing and short latencies. Fog computing, establishing itself on the edges of the cloud and increasing the pace of data processing significantly, provides the tried and tested solution scenarios that are required. Find out more

Smart City: Fitting the pieces together

Smart Cities do not take shape from one day to the next. They are formed more like mosaics. The initiatives of individual departments, for example, need to be connected in order to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things and create synergies. Which other obstacles might occur and how they can be solved is the topic of the second part of Ralf Nejedl’s blog post about the future of our cities. Find out more

Guest Bloggers & Interviews

Interview with Alexander Lautz: "Reliable and inexpensive from the machine to the server"

The Internet of Things is on the advance in nearly all areas of life. Until now it has often been telecommunications companies like Deutsche Telekom that have taken development forward via wireless-based M2M solutions, but this is now changing. All about M2M discussed with Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M, Deutsche Telekom, the role of telcos and joining the connected economy. Find out more


All about M2M – The Highlights of 2015: From Home Automation to Hollywood

For major telecommunications providers like Deutsche Telekom, M2M or IoT solutions are no longer just a matter of SIM cards. The focus is now on the globally connected industry of the future based on a common infrastructure. Join us on a journey through the trending topics of ‘All About M2M’ in 2015. Find out more

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Smart City solution for Amsterdam: Intelligent waste disposal with M2M

From the Royal Palace to the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House, the list of tourist attractions in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is long. The picturesque city center with its canals and parks is best explored on foot. To ensure that the city always looks clean and neat as visitors walk around downtown Amsterdam, the municipal administration now manages its waste disposal smartly and cost-effectively with an M2M solution. Find out more

Welcome to the Smart City

Today’s cities face tremendous challenges – from rising populations and shrinking budgets to the need to economize on the use of resources. The term Smart City is called upon increasingly in order to tackle these challenges and to support the evolution of urban environments. Ralf Nejedl, Senior Vice President B2B & ICT/Sales&Service of Deutsche Telekom Europe & Technology, explains on All about M2M what’s behind and what’s in for cities and its citizens. Find out more

Smart Home Summit – how do we all capture value from the connected home?

The recent Smart Home Summit was certainly a hotbed of debate. Our own Jon Carter, UK head of business development, took to the stage to encourage all players to partner and embrace openness, so that every company has the opportunity to benefit from the connected home sector, gain market share and drive growth. Find out more

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Avatar and the cities of tomorrow

By now, the Internet of Things has not only found its way to many areas of our everyday life but also to the arts. We have already covered what the M2M industry can learn from dystopian Hollywood productions like The Matrix or The Terminator. This time we are taking you on a journey to the remote planet Pandora. How smart is the forest of the Na’vi in James Cameron’s movie Avatar? Find out more

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M2M Summit 2015: Keep it simple and secure

M2M solutions are driving the networking of our everyday lives forward on a massive scale. The opportunities seem almost unlimited. At this year’s M2M Summit in Düsseldorf it was clear, however, that along with the success stories the industry has yet to work on standardization and security solutions that are suitable for a mass market. Find out more

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Business Wall of Fame: The keyholders of Hungary

The winners of this year’s Business Wall of Fame competition have been announced. In the end, Accessium made the running for the overall best Internet of Things solution of all countries with the ten-member jury. The Hungarian company offers a cloud-based administration platform for electronic locking systems. All about M2M presents the winner and its solution. Find out more


How startups and corporations can jointly take the Internet of Things forward

To implement innovations you need the creativity and flexibility of a startup and the knowhow and resources of a corporate group. Uniting the best of both worlds, the ‘challenge up!’ startup initiative seeks to fire up the development of the Internet of Things. Find out more

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What the M2M industry can learn from dystopian Hollywood productions

Nowadays all areas of life and work are connected by M2M to one network: the Internet of Things. Box office hits like The Matrix or The Terminator show where this can lead. They depict a dystopian future in which machines gain control and humankind is on the brink of extinction. But what does this mean for the future of M2M? Find out more

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Protocols for the Internet of Things

Standards are a subject that is de rigueur in any serious conversation about M2M. Three new acronyms currently going the rounds are MQTT, CoAP and OMA LWM2M. All about M2M explains for beginners what lies behind them. Find out more

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Data Analytics forges ahead fast

The market for sensors is booming, the price of data storage is falling and M2M data volumes are on the increase. The Internet of Things is clearly forging ahead at full speed. But what happens to all the data that sensors collect and supply around the world? Big Data is still something many people find hard to grasp. In the Port of Hamburg Deutsche Telekom is demonstrating how much untapped potential IoT data already has. Find out more

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Are SMBs missing out on the Internet of Things?

Small and midrange businesses (SMBs) are considered to be the backbone of the European economy. They make up nearly 99 percent of business enterprises in the European Union, employ more than two thirds of employees, and account for more than half of the EU’s gross value added. Yet they have so far played only a minor role in digitalization. Find out more

What happens when all the things become part of mobile networks?

By 2024, wireless networks are forecast to handle 2.3 billion M2M connections a year, generating 3.2 exabytes of data traffic. Are our current mobile networks prepared for this onslaught? All about M2M discussed this with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld, head of the Communications Networks Department at the TU Dortmund University. Find out more


GMA bursts boundaries on the Internet of Things

Developing M2M solutions works best when they leave neither the provider’s network nor its country during application. If they need to leave either or if the solution ought to be easily deployed for the world market, that’s when it gets more complicated for M2M and IoT solution providers as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The Global M2M Association aims to change that with a new offering. Find out more

M2M Forum CEE on June 9 in Vienna showed what the ‘Internet of Things’ can do

When a stolen bicycle reveals its location. When a fabric bag takes delivery of a parcel even if the recipient is not at home. That is when M2M is involved. Automated communication between devices makes many innovations possible and changes work and daily life, the economy and society. Find out more

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From machine to machine: Five facts about connectivity

Reliable, large-scale communication networks are the basis of successful machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. All about M2M has compiled five interesting facts about connectivity. Find out more

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How to find the best IoT solutions for business purposes

The Internet of Things is growing fast. Depending on who you ask, there are expected to be up to 100 billion connected devices by 2020, ranging from smartphones and tablets to manufacturing equipment and vending machines. Deutsche Telekom aims to support them with the “Business Wall of Fame” contest in order to find the best IoT solutions for their customers. Find out more

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Industrial Internet: From the steam engine to the connected factory

With the Internet of Things digitization is setting foot in factory workshops. Business and politics are talking about the fourth industrial revolution or the Industrial Internet. We have summarized the most important technical achievements of previous industrial revolutions in a timeline. Find out more

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Industry 4.0 on road show “Wirtschaftswunder 4.0 – Digitization made in Germany” and Hannover Messe Industrie

At the road show “Wirtschaftswunder 4.0 – Digitization made in Germany” Deutsche Telekom showcases various solutions relevant for Industry 4.0. Among them are Profibutler, Strype, the Kumpan scooter with its connected battery, and the connected Dürkopp-Adler sewing machines. Find out more

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From the bathroom to the front door: Ordering without a browser thanks to the Internet of Things

Consumer goods have so far held something of a niche position in online retailing. Manufacturers and retailers aim to change that. A Procter & Gamble development shows that the Internet of Things may have an important part to play in bringing about this change. Find out more


Happy Internet of Things Day!

M2M and the Internet of Things are omnipresent in our daily lives. Reason enough to take a closer look at the subject. We have compiled an overview from our best blog articles. Find out more


Deutsche Telekom at CeBIT 2015

CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, is the world’s largest exhibition and conference for IT and digital business. In this post we would like to share some pictures of the Deutsche Telekom booth at CeBIT 2015 and some M2M use cases displayed there. Find out more


Impressions from Mobile World Congress 2015

In the past week experts from the mobile and communications industry gathered in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress to learn about new innovations. More than 2,000 exhibitors showcased their innovative products and solutions to more than 93,000 visitors from 200 countries. Deutsche Telekom was also represented. The family app myKIDIO and a new service from the GMA were among the major attractions at the booth. Find out more

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Three Things that Raspberry Pi Puts on the Net

Few innovations have caused such a stir among the makers in recent years as Raspberry Pi. Since it was launched a large number of projects have taken shape, including in the Internet of Things. All about M2M presents three of them. Find out more


Camping Goes Online With Moving Hotspot

If you visit one of the largest public trade fairs for tourism and leisure, you probably won’t expect Deutsche Telekom. But at this year’s CMT in Stuttgart the company was represented with its partner Eura Mobil. Together they displayed a new feature for caravans: a mobile hotspot. Find out more

Guest Bloggers & Interviews

Home Automation: “When you collaborate, it takes the world further forward”

When 12-year-olds experiment with switchable power sockets, most parents will probably break out into a cold sweat, but Kai Kreuzer’s parents weren’t scared. Today, Kreuzer is a developer evangelist at Deutsche Telekom. In this interview with ‘All about M2M’ the Connected Home expert talks about the development of home automation and the advantages of open source projects. Find out more

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Connected Devices - From Product to Service

Connected devices enable new business and sales models, be they consumables on a subscription basis or remote inspections. Thanks to cloud-based IoT platforms SMBs are now also able to provide service-oriented offerings of this kind. Find out more

Market & Trends

Looking Back on the Year: More Things on the Internet

Digital connectivity has made further headway in the business world this year and there are initial signs that end consumers are about to boost demand for connected solutions. Yet the Internet of Things is still very much in the early stages of its development. That is why All about M2M is presenting what was important in 2014 and what will be important next year. Find out more

M2M connects Christmas

If it snows during Advent – the runup to Christmas –, most people look forward to a White Christmas, sleigh rides, and mulled wine. But there is another side to snow and ice. Driving snow and icy roads regularly cause traffic chaos. Yet a number of M2M solutions help ensure that gift parcels find their way to the foot of the tree in time for Christmas. Find out more

Guest Bloggers & Interviews

How the Industrial Internet of Things is Influencing the Growth Potential of Corporations

Digitization is increasingly changing the business world. The car rider service taxi app Uber, for example, is in the process of transforming the taxi business. Similar changes lie ahead for industry with the Internet of Things, says Prith Banerjee, Managing Director of Global Technology R&D at Accenture. Find out more

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Five TED Talks on the Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things develops in the future will depend not only on technologies. Visions and ideas that take a differentiated, and at times critical, approach to the connected world are of crucial importance – and TED Talks are an outstanding platform for this debate. Find out more

Market & Trends

Why Crowdfunding for Your IoT Project

From coffee makers and refrigerators that tweet to BBQ thermometers that are connected, in the maker movement the Internet of Things has fallen on fertile ground. In blogs and forums, makers discuss ideas and prototypes intensively. If a prototype is to become a product and the creator a startup, the road to success is via crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. All about M2M presents a number of projects that have been funded successfully by crowdfunding and explains what creators need to bear in mind when they are planning to raise capital in this way. Find out more

Guest Bloggers & Interviews

Electromobility: Batteries of the Future are Connected

Efficient batteries are one of the greatest challenges that electromobility faces. In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, e-bility has developed an M2M solution for the battery of its Kumpan scooter. Sensors check the battery’s status and an app helps the scooter’s owner to take care of it. The Kraftpaket 2.0’s prototype was unveiled at the Intermot trade show in Cologne. All about M2M discussed the next generation of batteries with e-bility CEO Patrik Tykesson. Find out more

Market & Trends

Consumers Discover the Internet of Things

Companies have so far determined the demand for M2M and IoT solutions. That is now changing. A recent study shows that more and more end consumers are interested in connected products. What is commonplace in factories and workshops is now making headway in people’s homes. Find out more

Market & Trends

Data from the Light Bulb

The growing Internet of Things needs higher data transmission capacities. That is why industry and scientific research are not only concerned with the expansion of existing networks. They are also sounding out entirely new transmission routes. Two current examples are Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks and Visual Light Communications (VLC). Find out more

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M2M Summit: Welcome to Connected Reality

M2M connects cars, solar modules, bicycles, forklift trucks, wristwatches, and even cows on the Internet of Things. A technology that used to be dismissed as a technical gimmick for niche products now reaches a mass market. That is why, at industry gatherings like the upcoming M2M Summit in Düsseldorf, it is no longer just a matter of technological but also one of business matters. Find out more

Guest Bloggers & Interviews

Communicate instead of command

Computers are pervading more and more areas of life, changing communication between humans and computers in particular. On the one hand, classical input and output media such as keyboards and monitors are declining in importance; on the other, connectedness and the sensory capabilities of devices are on the increase. So how are we as humans supposed to communicate with all these machines? What shape is natural interaction for applications on the Internet of Things to take? Find out more


O’zapft is! Beer mugs become part of the Internet of Things

Costumes, rides and beer tents - all things that await visitors to the Oktoberfest in Munich. In the future, overhearing terms such as Arduino, Spark Core or REST should come as no surprise to anyone there. That’s because the Internet of Things has reached the Oktoberfest. Two hackers are there to test a home-made networked beer stein. Find out more

Market & Trends

M2M-Giant China

The Western M2M industry looks to East Asia. According to the GSMA study, “How China is set for global M2M leadership”, with 50 million connections at the end of 2013, China is the world market leader in M2M connectivity. How did it happen? Here’s a look at the findings of the study. Find out more

How intelligent transportation systems are changing mobility

Fleet managers are recording vehicle positions and driving behavior, cities and local authorities are collecting information about traffic flows, and private cars are increasingly becoming a source of data. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are on the advance, and with their data and services our understanding of mobility is also changing fast. Find out more

Market & Trends

Horizon 2020: Paving the Way for a Digital Europe

In Europe, information and communication technologies will continue to spur on innovation, economic growth and progress. That, at least, is the stated aim of the Digital Agenda for Europe. To achieve this objective the European Commission has launched a multi-billion euro research program, Horizon 2020. Find out more

“We wish to see a plug-and-play standard for the Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things has reached day-to-day business. Companies rely on cloud-based platforms to manage the growing amounts of data and rising numbers of devices and users in accordance with needs. They not only help with management but also serve as a construction kit for the Internet of Things. Cumulocity is one of these platforms. All about M2M here discusses the development of applications and standards with Cumulocity’s CTO Stefan Vaillant. Find out more

Market & Trends

Smart City: Street Lighting 2.0

Street light maintenance is expensive. That’s why many cities are trying out intelligent lighting systems that can be remotely controlled. These networked lamps do more than just light up: they constitute the nodes of a mesh network and complement the communication infrastructure of the Smart City. Find out more


IoT startup Atooma wins Telekom Innovation Contest

Cars, solar modules, streetlighting and parking spaces, even ballpoint pens, wristwatches, glasses and coffee cups – in the Internet of Things (IoT) everything is connected. But how do we use it? One possible answer is supplied by the automation platform of the Italian startup Atooma, the winner of this year’s Telekom Innovation Contest. Find out more


Smart City: Pisa is testing the future of parking and mobility management

Pisa is traditionally known for its Leaning Tower and picturesque cityscape. Soon the Tuscan city will also be known as a Smart City. Since this week Deutsche Telekom has helped motorists in a pilot project to find parking spaces faster and to pay for them by smartphone. Find out more

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How M2M takes motor sport forward

The smell of oil, the sound of tires rotating and a screen with constantly moving circles on a virtual map of the Nordschleife – at the legendary 24-hour Nürburgring race in Germany, racing fans are familiar with all of the details. But few of them know that racing teams monitor their cars with a machine-to-machine (M2M) solution. Find out more

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The Internet of Things: How It All Took Shape

Everything is connected nowadays – cars, containers, streetlighing, parking lots, even ballpoint pens, wristwatches, glasses, and coffee cups. Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and the Internet of Things are increasingly shaping our everyday lives. To trace how this trend has developed we have listed the most important events in a timeline. If you feel you need to know more, check out the chronology on the Postscapes website. Find out more

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M2M Device Cloud - How to Manage the Growing Number of Connected Objects

The Internet of Things has reached everyday business activities. Companies and solution providers are relying on cloud-based platforms to manage the growing numbers of connected devices and data. Find out more

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Fleet Management by M2M

Telematics solutions are reputed to be expensive and not yet mature, but that is a prejudice. They have now cleared the hurdles of their early days and are used in fleet management around the world – also in the Philippines. Find out more

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How the Internet of Things is Changing the Vending Business

In the vending industry telemetry solutions were long considered to be half-baked and too expensive. Since then, solutions have resolved the initial problems and now help operators to increase the profitability of their vending machines and optimize their business processes. Find out more

Climate savior M2M?

Only half the Statue of Liberty still peeps out of a landscape covered in snow and ice with the icebound skyline of New York in the background. Roland Emmerich’s vision of climate change is still a remote prospect, but the recently published report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows yet again that action is required. Find out more

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M2M Protects Cultural Heritage

A hill with 19 chapels, any number of pilgrims and in the middle of it all an M2M solution. How machine-to-machine communication helps preserve a world heritage site and catch thieves. Find out more

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On the Way to Connected Production - Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe

The future of production is connected and digital. On that everyone agreed at the Hannover Fair. Few buzzwords can have gone the rounds more often than Industry 4.0 at the Hannover trade fair ground last week. Industry 4.0 means the comprehensive networking of classical manufacturing industry to map all production processes virtually and to manage and control them dynamically. Visitors to the Telekom booth could see what that means for the design of a value chain. Find out more


Supporting Smart Ideas for the Internet of Things

Three days, 13 startups, two winners, and loads of networking, sharing of knowledge and new ideas – the hub:raum Internet of Things (IoT) bootcamp showed how important it is for companies like Telekom to support and invest in new business ideas. Find out more

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Think out of the Box - When Cows Start Texting

Nowadays calves are announced by text message. Two hours before the cow is about to calve the farmer is informed, enabling him to be in the barn in time to check the birth. Find out more

How M2M Is Changing Machine Maintenance

“Out Of Order #1” by Shawn Allen used under CC BY-SA 2.0 Find out more

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M2M and IoT – Where are they taking us?

Cars, containers, street lighting, and parking lots, wristwatches, glasses, and even dairy cows are connected to the Internet of Things nowadays. In the future both the diversity and the number of networked objects will continue to increase. The world in which we live and work will undergo significant changes as a result, with five trends playing a decisive role. Find out more

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M2M Helps Companies Compete along the Entire Value Chain

The number of machine-to-machine network connections has increased fast over the last four years and is expected to reach 250M in 2014. Source: GSMA intelligence Find out more


CeBIT: M2M Beneath Magenta Shades

From connected keys to smart suitcases: at CeBIT in Hannover Deutsche Telekom presented a wide range of M2M solutions across vertical industries and use cases. Find out more

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Does a City Need to be Smart?

There are many reasons to make cities smart: ecological and economic sustainability, improved administrative effectiveness, reduced costs, higher quality of life, or actionable insights for planning, to name just a few. Find out more