Ralf Nejedl

Senior Vice President Sales & Business

Ralf Nejedl holds the position of a SVP Sales & Business Development responsible for 3 billion € revenue across 12 Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries. He also leads the development for ICT, Cloud and M2M business in Europe. He is also member of the Deutsche Telekom M2M leadership team which has the responsibility to grow the M2M business across the group. Between March 2008 and end 2011 he served as a Managing Director of T-Systems Belgium. He managed the P&L of the T-Systems business in Belgium. Ralf Nejedl combined this with his role as the Managing Director of TeleOp GmbH, in which he was responsible for the T-Systems activities in the European satellite navigation system Galileo. In addition to this he held several management positions within T-Systems. Previously he was Executive Vice President Business Development Western Europe. In January 2005, the business administration graduate became a member of the Board at the Public industry line, where he was responsible for the global expansion of IL Public's business activities and for international "profit & loss" in Belgium and Spain. In the year 2003 and 2004, Ralf Nejedl headed T-Systems' central "Strategic Sales Management" and reported directly to the CEO of T-Systems. In this position he was responsible for the global sales development of the company. From 1999 to 2001 Ralf Nejedl worked as an international Key Account Manager at debis Systemhaus and transferred to T-Systems after the takeover of debis Systemhaus by T-Systems. Ralf Nejedl started his professional career as an account manager at British Telecom Global Services.

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