Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

Where will we be living in the future? Cities, as the habitat of a huge part of the world’s population, are facing today new challenges. Smart city technology, presented at the Smart City Expo WORLD CONGRESS (SCEWC 2016) in Barcelona, helps to meet them.

Currently, around 55 percent of the world’s population live in urban settlements. And the numbers are on the rise: It is estimated that by 2030, urban areas will house 60 percent of people globally. Furthermore, one in every three people will live in cities with at least half a million inhabitants. To make living of so many people in a comparative small area not only possible but even enjoyable, cities need smart digital solutions. At the Smart City Expo WORLD CONGRESS, Deutsche Telekom responds to the needs of urban population presenting a variety of innovative smart city solutions.

Smart expo in a smart city

Almost 500 exhibitors, around 15,000 visitors and more than 400 speakers are expected to attend the expo from November 15 to 17 to discuss the link between urban reality and technological revolution. The place for this could not have been chosen better. Barcelona is the top smart city in Spain and the fourth in Europe because of programs like smart waste management, smart grids, smart traffic lights and smart parking.

“It is your city – just smarter”

At the marketplace of smart city solutions Deutsche Telekom obviously cannot be missing. According to the motto “It is your city – just smarter”, we present at our exclusive 120 square metre booth in Grand Via Hall 2, Level 0, Street E, Stand 509 not only our vision and strategy on the topic, but also exciting solutions and use cases. And of these, we have many: Throughout Europe cities trust Deutsche Telekom with their smart infrastructure projects. Be it a smart parking solution – featuring the brand new Narrowband IoT network – in Bonn, a smart mobility system in Budapest or a complete smart street – including WiFi, smart parking and smart lighting – in Dubrovnik: Telekom makes cities smart. Together with our partners, we present some of the most exciting solutions at our fair booth:

Kiwi Security

One of them is the solution provided by Kiwi Security. The solution increases the safety of citizens and visitors by monitoring public areas through video cameras and using advanced picture analysis applications in order to automatically detect incidents and report them to the authorities.


Another exhibited solution is EcoMobile. This smart waste management solution makes sure that waste disposal works more efficient and transparent. Waste bins transmit information about the household, the booked service and their current fill-level into a cloud database. From here, the data will be made available to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) program of the municipal waste collection service, so that waste collection routes can be planned accordingly.

Expert talks

Apart from the exhibits, Deutsche Telekom partakes in the Smart City Expo WORLD CONGRESS with three top-class speakers. Vit Soupal, Head of Big Data of BEX Business Marketing Europe, talks at November 15 about real-time open data fuelling the next generation of urban services. On November 16, Daniel Michel from T-Systems International gives a speech on public sector’s open and agile services. And Ralf Nejedl, which is responsible for B2B Sales & ICT in DT Europe, will address the Narrowband IoT topic in his presentation “NB-IoT – let’s connect everything” at the co-located LPWA, the IoT Networks Event in Barcelona.

Apart from these key notes, Deutsche Telekom gives every day several interesting use case presentations at its booth. Don’t miss it:

Day Time Subject
Nov 15

11:15 Deutsche Telekom projects (platform, dashboards & data)
12:30 Smart city Skopje – smart public transport
12:45 Smart public safety solution
13:45 EU funding / Hamburg H2020 project
15:00 Rodos traffic & crisis management solution
Nov 16

11:00 Smart city Gijon – smart street light solution
12:15 Smart waste management solution
12:20 Smart air quality monitoring solution
13:30 Smart city Bucharest – multiple smart city solutions
13:40 NB-IoT – let’s connect everything
14:45 Smart electric vehicle charging solution
Nov 17

11:00 NB-IoT – let’s connect everything
13:00 Smart city Budapest – smart public transport solution
14:00 Rodos traffic & crisis management solution

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