M2M Protects Cultural Heritage

The Kalvársky Fund protects the reconstruction site of this unique Baroque complex via M2M solutions.

A hill with 19 chapels, any number of pilgrims and in the middle of it all an M2M solution. How machine-to-machine communication helps preserve a world heritage site and catch thieves.



Nothing functions any more, neither the floodlights nor the telephone nor the workmen’s equipment. The Calvary with its three churches and more than 19 chapels in the Czech town of Banská Štiavnica is plunged into darkness and restoration work on the world heritage site is interrupted again for days. Thieves have stolen copper wire in the night and the power supply is cut off. The metal from which telephone cables and railroad overhead wires is made is in great demand in the stolen goods market. The market value of a ton of copper is around $6,700.


The Kalvársky Fund, which is in charge of reconstructing the complex of buildings, has repeatedly had to deal with thefts of this kind. The resulting interruption in restoration work and reinstallation of copper wires are enormously expensive. But what could be done about the thieves? The guardians of the Calvary no longer wanted to stand idly by as the copper thieves struck yet again and were looking for a mobile video surveillance system they could use at different locations. Covering the entire site with stationary equipment is impossible because there is so much of it and it is woodland.


Smart camera


The solution they found, with its M2M functions, was the EyeSee mobile surveillance camera manufactured by Telekom partner Jablocom. The camera contains a series of built-in sensors that observe its surroundings. An infrared device registers movements by identifying human body temperatures. Other warning devices register the sound of breaking glass or noise of any kind above a certain level. The camera even registers opening and closing of doors by means of changes in the air flow. Other sensors “notice” if anybody touches the camera or changes its position.


M2M makes remote monitoring of this kind possible in real time. If somebody now interferes with the copper wire the camera raises the alarm automatically – with a phone call, a text or multimedia message, or an e-mail. Within a minute Fund officials have a crime scene photo on their cellphones. The mobile solution has already caught one thief in the act.


In the long term the Kalvársky Fund plans to restore all the churches and chapels in the late Baroque complex. In the future six to eight cameras will monitor the frescoes and sculpture.

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