How to find the best IoT solutions for business purposes

The Internet of Things is growing fast. Depending on who you ask, there are expected to be up to 100 billion connected devices by 2020, ranging from smartphones and tablets to manufacturing equipment and vending machines. Deutsche Telekom aims to support them with the “Business Wall of Fame” contest in order to find the best IoT solutions for their customers.

Increasingly, the things around us – be it machines, vehicles or even buildings – are connected and exchange data. This can help businesses to become more efficient and it also opens the door to many new business opportunities entrepreneurs can seize upon.

Undecided executives now face a growing number of small and midrange enterprises with innovative business solutions. The problem is that executives lack an overview and providers lack the selling power they need if they want to stand out among the multitude of solutions.


Deutsche Telekom aims to change this state of affairs. The company is currently calling on startups and developers in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, and Slovakia to enter their M2M and IoT solutions for this year’s Business Wall of Fame contest.


Advertising campaigns worth up to €30,000 to be won


A community vote on will determine the best IoT solutions. Out of those, an expert jury will select the winning national solution for each market, plus the best international solution.


The best national IoT solutions will have the chance to become Deutsche Telekom’s affiliate and win an advertising campaign worth up to €30.000. Furthermore, the best international solution will be offered a partnership in all eight countries and can reach out to a potential of 10.8 million business customers.


However, not only the participating solutions will have a chance to win big: (Potential) business customers, who engage in the voting process, can also win an advertising campaign worth up to €20,000 Euro.

The schedule at a glance


Interested startups and developers can submit their solution to by May 25. Voting will take place between May 11 and June 22. We will, of course, be presenting the winners to you here on All about M2M.

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