How M2M takes motor sport forward

The smell of oil, the sound of tires rotating and a screen with constantly moving circles on a virtual map of the Nordschleife – at the legendary 24-hour Nürburgring race in Germany, racing fans are familiar with all of the details. But few of them know that racing teams monitor their cars with a machine-to-machine (M2M) solution.



The Manthey racing team, one of the most successful teams at the Nürburgring in recent years, uses an M2M application to locate its vehicles during the race and to control speed and gasoline consumption. The tailor-made solution by Deutsche Telekom and its premium partner GPSoverIP, a German tracking specialist, facilitates the work of the racing team and the race management center and increases safety.

The Manthey racing team has five vehicles in the 24-hour Nürburgring race. Thanks to a positioning system by Deutsche Telekom partner GPSoverIP, the team knows at any time on which bend or in which section of the track the cars are located.



The course is 26 kilometers long and divided into 200 sections. In case of an accident or in the pit lane, drivers are required to abide by certain speed limits. Using M2M, this parameter is tracked constantly and therefore ensures more security for the 400 assistants along the circuit who have hitherto been putting their lives on the line.






The core of the M2M solution is a telemetrics box no bigger than a packet of cigarettes that is fitted in the car itself and includes a radio module, a GPS receiver and an M2M chip. All tracked data is sent via GPRS.






The system tracks the position of the vehicle and monitors further important telemetry data. The race management can monitor whether drivers act as required in so-called yellow phases and limit their speed.






Two antennas on the roof of the car as well as a specific racing app complete the M2M solution. But how does it function in detail? The route module sends the current position and the telemetry data via the Deutsche Telekom mobile network to the GPSoverIP data center.



At the data center all information is collected and formatted. Users have access to the relevant data via PC or the racing app on their terminal device – all in real-time.





It is not just the racing team that has access to the tracking data; the race management center also uses it to keep track of the race and check the speed of drivers in the pit lane, for instance.


The big advantage: speed breaches are documented immediately. The racing management center sends tickets directly from the M2M application to the racing team via e-mail.






The M2M solution is used not only by the racing teams or the management center but also by spectators and racing fans. Using the racing app they have access to selected information. Watching the cars on a virtual map means being much closer to the whole race and being part of it.

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