Five TED Talks on the Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things develops in the future will depend not only on technologies. Visions and ideas that take a differentiated, and at times critical, approach to the connected world are of crucial importance – and TED Talks are an outstanding platform for this debate.

Founded in 1984 as a conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design, the TED community that emerged from it now covers a wide range of topics. The following five TED Talks deal with various aspects of the Internet of Things – from its impact on industry to security concerns.



Starting with the Industrial Revolution, the economist Marco Annunziata outlines in his talk his insights on a new revolution that is currently reaching various sectors. He refers to an “Industrial Internet” where intelligent machines, advanced analytics, and creativity converge. Maintenance of machines is one of its beneficiaries. It leads to zero unplanned downtime, meaning no power outages and no more flight delays.

Jennifer Healey, a research scientist at Intel, explains the advantages and opportunities of car-to-car communication. In place of mere visual perception of what traffic in front, behind, and alongside us looks like, data interchange between cars presents a much clearer picture of the traffic situation. More accurate forecasts of how vehicles will be moving are possible. Sharing GPS data would be a start.

One consequence of the burgeoning Internet of Things is rapid growth of data volumes. Kenneth Cukier of the London Economist looks at both the benefits and the risks of Big Data. Machine learning plays a key role in his talk. It could enable machines to perform clearly defined tasks such as medical forecasts better than humans.

Joshua Corman deals in his talk at TEDx Naperville with security issues in the emerging Internet of Things. He calls for a greater awareness of the problems. “If it’s software, it’s hackable. If it’s connected, it’s disposed,” he says. As a matter of principle, risks and benefits should be weighed against each other.

Rodolphe el-Khoury, an expert on urban design, argues enthusiastically in favor of a connected world, presenting several use cases, such as a connected blanket that records sleep disturbances. Other interesting options he mentions are smart furniture and connected systems in architecture.




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