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Vehicle Telematics

M2M optimizes fleet management, increases driver safety and enables new services by means of vehicle localization and monitoring.


Drivers are demanding more and more from their vehicles – increased safety and more comfort and convenience. Fleet managers aren’t any different and also want to simplify and automate their responsibilities. Furthermore, the EU has adopted a resolution on driver safety. From 2015, all new cars must be equipped with an automatic emergency call system based on M2M. Other machine-to-machine solutions enable connected cars that help drivers enjoy seamless entertainment regardless of their location while helping fleet managers to monitor their automotive fleet.

Vehicle-related Services

M2M solutions enhance the convenience and comfort for drivers and boost the performance and safety of vehicles. Connected cars download content in the background and suggest better routes. Meanwhile, drivers can keep their eye on the road. Vehicle telematics also sends alerts when a car fails to operate correctly (bCall). M2M solutions can even make an appointment with a garage when necessary.


Benefits for OEM Telematics Service Providers:

  • New services such as predictive maintenance
  • Collection of extensive vehicle data
  • Improved quality of service
  • Mobile communication at low costs

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Increased convenience and safety
  • Lower repair and maintenance bills
  • Increased chances of theft recovery


Fleet Management

Vehicle telematics and transport monitoring help fleet managers know which drivers drive flat out, which car or truck needs a tune-up, and how to optimize usage behavior. M2M solutions not only help reduce downtime by keeping tabs on vehicle conditions, they can help drivers to find the best possible route to their destination. M2M also helps companies to comply with legal obligations by automatically transferring mileage and driver logbooks for storage and evaluation.


Benefits for Fleet Management Service Providers:

  • New services such as proactive switching of parts that are subject to wear when necessary
  • Mobile communication at low costs

Benefits for Enterprise Customers:

  • Increased productivity by retrieving data on vehicle’s exact location in real time
  • Optimized routes and capacity planning for faster and more flexible service
  • Automated mileage logs
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by optimizing delivery time management and improving management of the supply chain
  • Reduced communication costs by eliminating manual location updates
  • Increased chances of theft recovery

Driver-related Services

Nowadays, most drivers rely on in-car navigation systems to get to their final destination. Connected cars with M2M applications can select the best routes, guide drivers around traffic jams, find the best cup of coffee, or even plan the next bathroom stop. M2M solutions also call automatically for help when they detect an accident – regardless how serious it may be (eCall). With M2M it is also possible to get an attractive insurance for your vehicle. Implementing a usage-based insurance (UBI) strategy is revolutionizing the car-insurance industry. Consumers benefit from lower premiums while insurance companies can track parameters like speed, travel distance, and hard stops.


Benefits for After-market Telematics Service Providers:

  • New services such as UBI
  • Mobile communication at low costs

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Increased convenience and safety
  • Fewer time in traffic jams
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