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Transport & Logistics

Monitoring cargo transportation worldwide enables reliable delivery.


The world market is driven by the growing population and the increasing purchasing power of the middle classes in emerging markets. So transport and logistics companies face continuous competitive pressure to maximize capacity and improve efficiencies of their infrastructure as well as to meet the increasing governmental regulation and compliance demands. With machine-to-machine solutions, companies are able to monitor their workforce and the conditions of the transport assets in real time, transport the goods and people more safely and efficiently, and in turn increase end-customer satisfaction.

Vehicle/Freight Tracking

Millions of containers reach ports, airports, railroad stations, and other transport hubs each year. In order to keep track of them, transport and logistics companies increasingly equip containers with tracking modules. These modules transmit the current position of the container to the booker and customer.


Benefits for Transport and Logistics Companies:

  • Reduced operational costs due to optimized disposition of vehicles and freight
  • Decreased container loss and theft
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

Benefits for Business Customers:

  • Increased inventory flexibility

Vehicle/Freight Monitoring

Connected containers and trucks equipped with M2M devices offer service providers and customers reliable and timely information such as the location, temperature, weight and humidity of shipping vessels to ensure asset integrity. When anything goes wrong, an alert message will be sent, which helps increase regulatory compliance and ensure the quality of the items especially for perishable goods.


Benefits for Transport and Logistics Companies:

  • Automated data logging and sharing with customers
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Preventing shipping damage/loss

Benefits for Business Customers:

  • Real-time remote diagnostics
  • Increased customers satisfaction
  • Optimized pricing structures
  • Maintained quality along the supply chain
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