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Smart Alarm Management with M2M Security Solutions

Smart alarm management

Thanks to M2M communication solutions, users can merge security facilities for commercial, public, or private buildings and properties into a smart system.

Security is a basic human need. Statutory security requirements in many public and commercial facilities take this need into account. Key requirements of building security are cost efficiency, simplicity, and reliability. M2M security solutions fulfill these requirements by means of a high level of automation.

Security-relevant events such as burglaries or fires are registered and reported automatically by means of sensors. The alarm is relayed via the mobile network to a control center that responds in real time. The user can manage all of the connected devices comfortably on his smartphone. 

Remote Alarms Keep Burglars at Bay

Burglars Beware: Remote Burglar Alarms are Watching

Remote burglar alarm

To combat break-ins, vandalism and theft effectively and in an up-to-date way, you are sure to be on the safe side with remote burglar alarms. Based on M2M technology, they have many advantages over conventional burglar alarms.

Remote burglar alarms are always a crucial step ahead of the burglar. As soon as an intruder is detected, the system automatically alarms previously specified contacts such as the property owner or a security service provider.

Infinitely expandable modular system

A control console, motion detector, and door and window contacts are the components of a system that can be expanded at any time. All of these elements are connected with each other. As soon as the sensors report a disturbance, the built-in wireless modules with M2M SIM cards notify the specified recipient immediately via the mobile network. The recipient is not only informed of the exact location of the break-in; motion detectors also enable the system to track the burglar’s movements as they makes their way around the building. This way the security firm that intervenes will be optimally prepared and protected.

Easy to install

A major advantage of battery-powered remote burglar alarms is how uncomplicated and inexpensive they are to install. No holes need to be drilled and no connection must be established with the building’s existing power supply. They can be installed while work is under way at the premises and are removable without any damage.

Low maintenance and failsafe

Burglars can often deactivate conventional alarms by cutting off the fixed-line telephone connection. Technologies based on the IoT make this increasingly difficult. The systems are continuously connected with a control center via the M2M communication module. An outage is registered immediately, regardless whether it is due to batteries running flat or to manipulation. Even remote buildings without a fixed-line telephone connection can be integrated into a central surveillance system. Wireless and wired burglar alarm systems even complement each other for maximum safety. If the intruder incapacitates one of them, the other one steps in. With this smart solution, even highly safety critical areas are failsafe protected.

M2M communication modules with low power consumption are already on the market. Once installed, they do not need replacing for a long time and require little or no maintenance. They also make the entire system easier to maintain. The operator can check the status of all components and activate or deactivate them without needing to be on-site.

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