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M2M Solutions for Better Customer Service

Vending machines

M2M technology opens up enormous opportunities for retailers. Customers expect first-class service, yet retailers must at the same time reduce operating costs and open up new revenue streams. Connecting many stages of the retail chain makes all of this possible.

Open 24/7, never sold out. In a global market retail competition is fiercer than ever before. The winner is the one who retains the most customers on a lasting basis. Smart M2M solutions offer retailers not only many ways to improve customer satisfaction; lower operating and maintenance costs are another important argument for IoT technology. 

This is apparent in various business scenarios. M2M solutions for vending machines make refilling and maintenance easier and guarantee customers better product availability. They also make the management of digital signage billboards more customer-friendly and more profitable. And mobile payment offers retailers and customers an uncomplicated and secure shopping experience.   

M2M Solutions for Vending Machines

Simply Smart: M2M Solutions for Managing Vending Machines

Retail commerce: vending machines

Vending machines have provided a snack or a drink for people on the move for a long time now. Smart M2M solutions will enable operators to continue to run them at a profit.

Competition is fierce, costs are on the increase, customer preferences are constantly changing, and that makes efficient management of vending machines more important than ever. M2M communication offers the perfect solution.

Remote Management of Machines

Connecting vending machines via the Internet of Things offers the operator many benefits and cost savings. The machines submit real-time status reports via a built-in M2M SIM card. These reports are relayed to a server via the mobile network. From there the user can retrieve information about sales and stocks any time, anywhere. Malfunctions and cash in hand can also be seen at a glance, thereby reducing on-site maintenance costs and outages dramatically.

The retailer has a constant overview of his vending machine network and can plan their logistics optimally. Machines only have to be visited when the need arises, and it is also clear in advance which products need to be refilled.


Vending machines

Better Customer Service

The customer may be king, but until now it has been difficult to adjust vending machines to changing demand. Remote control by M2M communication makes this a thing of the past. Prices can be changed immediately and special offers made available. Long-term recording of sales data also provides the operator with an opportunity to adjust their product portfolio better to on-site demand. As the vending machines report automatically when stocks are running low, customers will no longer find that the machine has run out of the product they want to purchase. Cashless payment by smartphone, credit or debit card makes vending machines more user-friendly and improves the shopping experience. In the future, social networks can also be involved via social vending or couponing.

Simply Secure

Nearly every vending machine can be retrofitted with smart M2M modules to connect by means of IoT technology. Installation is easy and inexpensive. It also offers the operator greater security. Additional sensors can warn of an impending outage or instantly report attempts to break into the machine. 

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