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M2M Solutions for Better Customer Service

Vending machines

M2M technology opens up enormous opportunities for retailers. Customers expect first-class service, yet retailers must at the same time reduce operating costs and open up new revenue streams. Connecting many stages of the retail chain makes all of this possible.

Open 24/7, never sold out. In a global market retail competition is fiercer than ever before. The winner is the one who retains the most customers on a lasting basis. Smart M2M solutions offer retailers not only many ways to improve customer satisfaction; lower operating and maintenance costs are another important argument for IoT technology. 

This is apparent in various business scenarios. M2M solutions for vending machines make refilling and maintenance easier and guarantee customers better product availability. They also make the management of digital signage billboards more customer-friendly and more profitable. And mobile payment offers retailers and customers an uncomplicated and secure shopping experience.   

Digital Signage – M2M Solution

Digital Signage Advertising that Grabs Attention

Digital signage

One of the world’s largest HD billboards covers an area of more than 2,300 square meters and extends along an entire block. On Times Square in New York, it impresses nearly 500,000 people a day, and digital signage makes it possible.

Times Square is not the only location where digital signage billboards compete for the attention of passers-by. Outdoors or indoors, there is fierce competition for the advertising market and the attention span of the target audience is limited. Target group-relevant, current messages stand the best chance of commanding attention, and thanks to M2M solutions they can be fed to digital signage fast and without complications.    

Adjust messages anytime

Digital signage systems with IoT technology consist of the display screen, a media player and a content management system. They are connected with each other via the mobile network by means of M2M SIM cards. The advertiser can adjust the billboard content in any way they want at any time and from anywhere. They can do so either on a single screen or on an entire network of distributed billboard screens across a large number of sites.

Specific advertising for better customer service

Using digital signage, advertisers can present new products or services to a large target group more easily. Networking billboards with coordinated advertising messages generate a higher level of attention, and an in-store advertising network is easy to set up. It targets customers more easily with important information and offers, leading to a better shopping experience and a longer stay. Target group-specific advertising also improves customer service. Campaigns are no longer geared solely to geographic and seasonal specifics. Short-term trends and social influences can also be taken up.

As with all M2M solutions, remote control is an important cost reduction factor. The technology makes regular site visits superfluous and ties up less manpower. 

Digital signage in Smart Cities 

Retail is not the only sector in which digital signage is a major issue. Signage in Smart Cities is only possible by means of this M2M solution. From road signs and indicator panels in buses and subways to warning signs or safety instructions, informing the public via a centrally managed content management system is an integral part of Smart Cities. Interaction with the target group can also be improved by means of contents that can be changed quickly.

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