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M2M Solutions Improve Service in the Public Sector

M2M Solutions Improve Service in the Public Sector

M2M solutions for the public sector create a larger number of automated and electronic services. Amongst other services Deutsche Telekom offers real-time parking availability management and demand-oriented management of street lighting.

As a result of population growth, limited resources and high traffic levels, the public sector faces numerous challenges. At the same time, citizens and corporations expect comprehensive services. M2M applications for the public sector provide benefits in traffic management, public transportation, parking management, waste and water management, and environmental services, among others. Therefore, cities are advised to abandon classical approaches and move toward Smart Cities transformation. 

There are various scenarios where M2M solutions can support the public sector, like helping monitoring and managing parking space availability in real time. Thanks to M2M, street lighting and street cleaning can also be managed in keeping with demand. M2M can be used to monitor construction yards and control the functions of structural facilities and machine parks too.

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M2M solutions optimize public transport

Public transport today has already reached high levels of capacity utilization in many areas as more and more people are switching to buses and trains. M2M solutions help to optimize how public transport is run.

It may only be an estimate, but the basic trend is already clearly apparent. According to United Nations calculations, around 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. So public transport in its present structures will in the long term inevitably reach its capacity limits.

M2M solutions optimize public transport

M2M services can help public transport providers implement equipment flexibly, keep passengers informed, and ensure smooth ticketing services. Vehicles equipped with telemetric connections can collect data on their own performance and send alerts when deviations are detected.

M2M solutions in trains can also detect problems with the track and automatically inform dispatchers. Connected ticket machines send warnings on potential failures, collect data on purchasing patterns and times, and also incorporate mobile payment systems.

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