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M2M Solutions Improve Energy Efficiency

Smart Energy

M2M solutions are an important building block of the energy turnaround. Connected sensors and smart grids create far-reaching advantages.

In December 2015 the Paris climate summit ended with a historic agreement. All 196 states signed an agreement undertaking to limit global warming. Smart information and communications technology are an important building block in the energy turnaround. Using smart ICT solutions reduces global CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent, according to the SMARTer2030 report by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI).

The report states that connected sensors and smart grids generate far-reaching economic, ecological and social advantages. M2M solutions make smart grids possible and enable power utilities to distribute loads more efficiently. Consumers can also reduce energy costs by using smart meters.

Smart Metering

Smart Electricity Meters Save Energy

Smart Meter

Smart electricity meters are making an important contribution to the energy turnaround. Deutsche Telekom supports power utilities with a modular full service behind the meter.

With real-time data collection and transmission and new energy saving potentials, Europe-wide adoption of smart meters is only a matter of time. European governments are driving their installation forward in line with an EU regulation that provides for 80 percent of European households to be equipped with smart metering systems by 2022.

Telekom has extensive experience of installing smart meters, providing the necessary data connections for transmission via the fixed-line and mobile network, and of downstream services. Telekom aggregates and anonymizes smart meter data, for example, and relays it to the power utilities for processing.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Energy savings by identifying waste of energy and even electricity theft
  • Elimination of intrusive meter readers
  • Alerts when usage reaches pre-determined levels

Smart metering and data protection

The German Federal Office for Information Security has prescribed a protection profile for the Smart Metering gateway that is implemented in the Deutsche Telekom solution. Telekom also complies with the provisions of the German Data Protection Act.

Only data that is actually needed is collected and relayed. If a distribution system operator needs data for network or load management, anonymized data is sufficient. Telekom also signs and encrypts data and transmits it via a virtual private network (VPN). This way only authorized personnel can read the smart meter data.

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