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M2M Connects Consumer Electronics Manufacturers and Customers

Connected consumer electronics in a smart home

The more entertainment electronics equipment, Smart Home devices, wearables or GPS trackers are connected to the Internet by M2M, the better the products and services that the consumer electronics industry can offer its customers.

More and more consumer electronics products send data to manufacturers and platforms via M2M solutions. In the entertainment sector, TV and sound systems provide access to video and music streaming services. In sport, fitness bracelets measure pulse rates or distances run. GPS trackers or a smartphone app can localize valuables or hire cars. Smart thermostats and light switches help make the home more comfortable. Consumer electronics connected by M2M makes people’s lives easier and offers companies enormous potential for new business models. 

M2M Localization Helps in Emergencies and in Cases of Theft

Consumer electronics for localization purposes

Localization and tracking systems are an important area of deployment for M2M solutions. People and objects can be localized by GPS and locations can be relayed via the mobile network to a control center or to the owner.

Localization means not only knowing where you are yourself or which sights and restaurants there are in the vicinity. M2M communication plays an increasingly important role in the localization of people and things. 

GPS trackers as life savers

Localizing sick or older people can save lives in an emergency. At home, for example, Telekom’s medical alarm system notices via sensors installed around the apartment whether someone has had a fall and needs help and then notifies an emergency call center automatically. On the move, however, a mobile solution is required. In an emergency small GPS trackers that fit comfortably into a handbag or a jacket pocket provide swift help for patients who are at risk. Incorporating a wireless module and an M2M SIM card, these devices relay the wearer’s exact position on demand to a control center, which then calls out an ambulance.

Tracking for outdoor sports

GPS or GSM tracking is also a solution for outdoor sportspeople. Runners and hikers, skiers and cyclists or sailors and surfers gain more security from M2M localization when they know where they are and what’s near. In a competition, athletes and their supporters follow the current race position, speed and distance from opponents.

For car sharing the customer can find the nearest available car by means of an app and can open the car door and pay for using it by smartphone. In this way M2M localization provides an opportunity to extend existing or launch new business models.

Localization of valuables 

A mobile localization system makes sense for valuables as well. Insurers can offer new bonus programs for high-value items if these are equipped with an M2M localization solution. A further benefit is the improved recovery rate in loss and theft, especially for cars, motorcycles, and bikes. The exact location of valuables is shown on a map, which makes it easier to recover them. This also applies to pets.

M2M for monitoring

M2M solutions are increasingly used not only for positioning and tracking, but also for monitoring. Besides information about where a car was parked, customers see in a smartphone app whether the doors are locked, the trunk has been opened or the roof box is still closed. Customers thus have more control over things that are important to them.

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