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M2M Connects Consumer Electronics Manufacturers and Customers

Connected consumer electronics in a smart home

The more entertainment electronics equipment, Smart Home devices, wearables or GPS trackers are connected to the Internet by M2M, the better the products and services that the consumer electronics industry can offer its customers.

More and more consumer electronics products send data to manufacturers and platforms via M2M solutions. In the entertainment sector, TV and sound systems provide access to video and music streaming services. In sport, fitness bracelets measure pulse rates or distances run. GPS trackers or a smartphone app can localize valuables or hire cars. Smart thermostats and light switches help make the home more comfortable. Consumer electronics connected by M2M makes people’s lives easier and offers companies enormous potential for new business models. 

How Entertainment Devices Connect Companies and Customers

Consumer electronics for entertainment

M2M communication between entertainment devices like TVs, sound systems or game consoles and an online platform with multimedia services offers consumer electronics enterprises new ways to extend relations with their customers.

The consumer electronics industry has undergone major changes in recent years due to the Internet of Things. New business models have emerged, especially in entertainment electronics. Where contact with the end customer used to be limited to the purchase of the TV or the stereo system, connected devices and the data collected by M2M enable long-term customer relationships to be established and new services to be offered via the Internet.

Smart devices are always online

Entertainment devices themselves have changed too. The TV continues to be the household’s entertainment focus, but other, mobile screens have taken their place around it. Smartphone, tablet and laptop maintain constant mobile contact with the Internet and provide entertainment offerings on demand anytime, anywhere. The TV too has grown smart. Today’s smart TVs have app portals, bring videos from the Net to the TV screen, can be controlled by WLAN using a tablet, and show vacation photos taken by smartphone as a slide show.

M2M communication generates customer data 

New market opportunities have emerged as a result. TV sets, Blu-ray players and set top boxes, game consoles, home movie systems and, of course, all mobile entertainment devices are constantly connected to the Internet and, via new services, to the provider. To make use of the various possible Internet-based offerings the device provides the customer with a service and from then on continuously generates data that can be collected and evaluated centrally. If, for example, a gamer buys a game via his account on the Microsoft Xbox Live platform, the game is downloaded automatically to the console as soon as the Xbox is switched on. At the same time Microsoft has the user data and an overview of previous purchases and can offer the gamer on screen extra content for the game or recommends similar games.

Integrating additional services into devices 

M2M communication between the terminal device and the provider’s platform and the data that is generated in the process offers manufacturers and providers an opportunity to improve customer relationships by adjusting products to customers’ needs or by offering additional services. Device manufacturers are, for example, increasingly integrating access to streaming services directly to their home movie receivers, TV sets, game consoles or Bluetooth loudspeakers. The consumer is rewarded with ease of access to videos and music from all devices everywhere, while for the company customers can be contacted at any time via their entertainment device. The manufacturer stays in long-term contact with the customer and can offer after-sales services like software upgrades or technical service. And with the extension of the Internet of Things to wearables or the automobile, the market for entertainment electronics is set for further growth in the years ahead.

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