Cloud of Things

What is the Cloud of Things?

Cloud of Things cockpit

Connecting machines is the technical basis of digitization under Industrie 4.0. It opens up new business models for companies, optimizes production processes, and improves service. The Cloud of Things is Deutsche Telekom’s contribution to the management and control of connected devices. It is an IoT platform that collects sensor data from different machines and evaluates and visualizes them. That takes the user just a few steps. A special mobile gateway is registered and configured on the Cloud of Things, reads out the machine data and sends it to the cloud, where it is shown on the platform’s dashboard.


Scalable solution with total cost control

The user monitors and controls the devices via the Cloud of Things web portal, accessing all operating data. He checks the status of all connected machines in real time, for example, updates firmware and software, or visualizes the measurements – and does it all quickly and without complications. Alerts and messages can be defined by means of predefined threshold values of individual sensors. The platform thereby enables machines to be monitored and controlled remotely and maintained predictively from any kind of terminal device. No cost-intensive programming is required. With different price models, companies of all sizes and industries can enter the Internet of Things with total cost control, due in part to the cloud’s scalability.

Universal translator for all machine languages

Machines speak different languages, depending on their manufacturer, age, or region, but the Cloud of Things understands them all. For production plants that use the widespread Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and CANBus communication protocols Telekom provides the Cloud Field Bus. Without additional programming a machine is connected with the platform in a matter of minutes and automated monitoring and control can then begin. In addition, the Cloud of Things supports dozens of other certificated communication devices and can also be configured for individual interfaces.

Safety “Made in Germany”

Telekom provides an integrated service with competent advice from planning to ongoing operation. Safety is assured. The Cloud of Things is operated from certified Telekom data centers in Germany with an IT availability of up to 99.999 percent. All data is sent encrypted via the secure Telekom network and is subject to the strict provisions of the German Data Protection Act.  

Top ratings in comparisons of Industrie 4.0 solutions

In a survey of Industrie 4.0 solutions by the Experton Group, Deutsche Telekom achieved top ratings in five out of six categories and made the running with its high-performing IoT platform and end-to-end approach and its large number of well-known references. Experton sees Telekom’s strengths mainly in its performance, security, and connectivity. 

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