Machine to Machine (M2M) - Deutsche Telekom
  • Cloud of Things

    Deutsche Telekom's Cloud of Things offers
    cloud-based storage and M2M device management
    as a service.


  • Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks


    The deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks
    makes industrial procedures more transparent
    and contributes significantly to finding the best
    balance between performance, efficiency, and cost.


  • Remote Equipment Management


    Monitoring and managing machines and devices
    remotely is an essential requirement for manufacturers
    and operators of industrial equipment to remain competitive.
    Deutsche Telekom and partners now offer a fitting solution.


  • Vending Telemetry


    Telemetry solutions are becoming increasingly
    important for vending operators to face upcoming
    challenges in the vending industry.



Industries and References

Automated communication between machines can boost your business. Deutsche Telekom has identified nine industries that profit the most.


Our Approach

Many years of experience in M2M and its unrivaled partnering approach make Deutsche Telekom one of the leading forces in the M2M business.

Customer References


Customer references for examples of projects in which Deutsche Telekom’s M2M solutions are already successfully in use.




For making the deployment and use of M2M as simple as possible, Deutsche Telekom provides turnkey solutions and additional services.


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