Full Service for Hubtex Transport Specialists

Hubtex forklift trucks and transporters

Hubtex forklift trucks and transporters are individually configured special vehicles. Thanks to the Cloud of Things they are well protected from costly outages.

From concrete slabs to sheet glass or gigantic cable drums, in logistics transport specialists are indispensable. To protect their vehicles from costly downtimes, Hubtex technicians fix possible damage before the error code appears in the display. Vehicles are connected via the Telekom Cloud of Things. In this way the manufacturer always has an eye on its forklift trucks and contacts users, for example, as soon as the pre-defined operating hours have been clocked up and a service is due. If an unforeseen error occurs, the technicians can identify the cause from the dashboard data and can set out immediately with the right tools and spare parts at the ready.

Via their control unit the forklift vehicles are connected with a gateway. It sends operating hours, battery and error code data over the mobile network to the Cloud of Things. Using pre-defined parameters the system automatically sounds the alarm when it identifies a malfunction. As a consequence, service vehicles are sent out less often and the customer is spared costly downtimes. Hubtex benefits from the M2M solution too. Its customer service works efficiently and personnel, tools and spare parts are organized optimally. In the long term the cloud solution provides information that enables the company to constantly improve service management and vehicle production.

Photo Source: Eric Remann