Smart Overseas Containers Report via Mobile Network

DAL keeps an eye on its containers. Thanks to M2M connections the shipping company is now notified several times a day where and in what condition its customers’ goods are in.

Is the overseas container with its cargo of lemons still on board ship, is it in Cape Town awaiting customs clearance, or is it already on its onward journey by truck? The shipping company Deutsche Afrika Linien (DAL) knows exactly where and in what condition its containers are – because its customers need reliable information for their just-in-time processes on whether their goods will arrive at their destination in time and undamaged. Extremely robust smart container devices make this possible. Connected with the Telekom Cloud of Things, they receive all of this information across the entire value chain from a single source.

The smart container device consists of a GPS sensor for positioning and another five that register doors being opened, shocks, tilting, temperature, and battery voltage. Sensor data is sent en route via the mobile network using Hirschmann Car Solutions’ powerful antenna technology. The shipping company manages its containers more efficiently and saves time and money. Now that it is alerted if a container has been opened without authorization or been damaged, DAL can notify its customers at all times of the condition and position of their goods. If goods or the container are damaged, the details are documented for the insurance claim.

Photo Source: Christian Wyrwa