M2M Communication – We make things talk!

What is M2M?

M2M and IoT solutions by Deutsche Telekom

There will be a billion M2M mobile connections in 2020 if growth remains steady, according to the GSMA, the global association of GSM mobile operators. In favorable market conditions there might even be two billion.

Machine-to-machine communication, or M2M, is the largely automated exchange of information between technical devices. In keeping with the principle “We make things talk,” Deutsche Telekom M2M solutions enable machines, sensors and vehicles to communicate with each other or with a central data processing platform. These automated processes open up huge possibilities for businesses and in private life. The network of connected devices with the world around them is called the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Data storage as key technology

M2M combines information and communication technology. There are four important steps in every M2M solution: data collection through sensors, data delivery via mobile or fixed-line connection or an alternative network like Narrowband IoT/Low Power Wide Area to a central server, data evaluation and a corresponding intelligent reaction. Since this process generates a great amount of heterogeneous data, the development of M2M solutions goes hand in hand with technologies like cloud computing and Big Data.

Managed services

In addition to straightforward data transmission between machines, managed services are of elementary importance for M2M technology. They are based on M2M platforms via which M2M SIM cards are controlled and service processes are managed. A solution’s entire infrastructure and its downstream processes are thereby conveniently available and accessible for the user from a single source.

Great benefits for various target groups 

The greatest advantage of M2M solutions is that they can recognize and respond to critical situations independently. At the end of the reaction chain real people are notified if, for example, a machine breaks down, a patient requires attention, a train is running late, a wind turbine stops working, or a freight container reaches its destination. Thanks to the steadily improved mobile network and alternative solutions like Narrowband IoT/Low Power Wide Area networks, M2M communication has become attractive for a large number of industries and uses. From healthcare, industrial automation and logistics to energy and the public sector, M2M helps to improve processes in various scenarios and industries. 

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