M2M Service Portal

Manage all SIM Cards on the M2M Service Portal

Customer monitors and manages all M2M SIM cards centrally on-screen

Using the M2M Service Portal, the customer monitors and manages all of the M2M SIM cards centrally on-screen. All connections, contract details and data volumes can be checked on the web-based user interface.

Deutsche Telekom’s M2M connectivity offering includes, along with global reachability within more than 400 wireless networks, individual service level agreements and the M2M SIM card portfolio, the M2M Service Portal. This web-based application provides access to all M2M SIM cards and enables the customer to check and evaluate connections and costs. Deutsche Telekom provides the customer with encrypted customer access to the Service Portal website via the Internet. The Service Portal can also be integrated into the customer’s applications and processes via an API interface.

All important information at a glance

The cockpit on the portal’s home page can be individually configured to only show relevant information and to allow quick access to further details. All SIM cards ordered by the customer can be shown, including relevant details like the SIM card number, the mobile number and the SIM card’s IP address, all listed in tabular form. Other columns show the card’s network status (online / offline / blocked / inactive) and the number of connections, duration and data volume transmitted over the specified period. If the administrator selects a SIM card, he has various options. He can inter alia block, decommission or cancel the card or switch the tariff.


All relevant information at a glance: the customizable M2M Service Portal cockpit

M2M Service Portal cockpit overview



The cockpit immediately shows when a previously specified limit is reached or misuse is identified. To prevent a SIM card from setting up too many connections or transferring too much data, every card can be assigned a limit profile. The customer can also define thresholds for data volumes and the number of data sessions for different geographical areas (local, Europe, global). 


Customers can also assign a misuse profile to each and every SIM card. The portal will then, for example, immediately note when a SIM card is trying to set up a data connection that does not match the device number. This prevents a SIM card from being put to use other than intended. The use of a SIM card outside of a specific country or in another wireless network than allowed can also be prevented in this way. If misuse is identified, based on business rules defined by the customer the M2M Service Portal will block the SIM card in question.


The M2M Service Portal provides powerful capabilities to create reports on usage consumption, ordered SIM cards and SIM status information. Different reporting templates can be used that list, for example, the ordered SIM cards with all SIM attributes, locations of SIM cards in use, usage and connection data or numbers called per SIM card. 

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