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Telekom Turns New BMWs into Mobile Hotspots

Telekom turns new BMWs into mobile hotspots

Deutsche Telekom is providing new vehicles from BMW with an innovative WiFi solution: HotSpot Drive uses a permanently embedded SIM card (eSIM) to turn a car into a fast and reliable internet hotspot while travelling both at home and abroad.

Automotive connectivity services have become a decisive factor for many new car buyers. Telekom and BMW have joined forces to offer HotSpot Drive, a WiFi solution providing car passengers with fast and reliable internet while travelling both across the country and on trips abroad.

Mobile internet both at home and abroad with Telekom’s HotSpot Drive

HotSpot Drive enables fast and reliable internet access for up to 10 WiFi-capable devices even if they don’t have their own SIM card. The car passengers can enjoy the same online entertainment they do at home – music services like Spotify, audiobooks, video streaming, and online games. Anyone using HotSpot Drive for business can remain productive while on the road, for example, catching up on emails, participating in video conferencing, or sending and downloading larger work-related files. 

BMW has offered new cars with Telekom’s WiFI solution HotSpot Drive in 10 European countries since the summer of 2016. Customers can book several European packages and data plans via a Telekom web portal. There’s also the World Pass for trips outside Europe. Telekom’s network and its roaming partners provide reliable and secure coverage in many countries around the world.

Innovative WiFi solution with dual APN technology

Dual APN technology allows simultaneous operation of HotSpot Drive and a vehicle’s telematic services. Two independent access points for the wireless network separate WiFi internet for passengers from the car’s own connection for features like eCall, an emergency service that automatically notifies the authorities in case of an accident. This ensures the proper functioning of both connections. 

HotSpot Drive is integrated into the vehicle construction and optimised for smooth network switching at high speeds. This makes it far better than other WiFi solutions, since a car’s chassis and the now widespread coated windows seriously impact the wireless reception of smartphones and WiFi dongles. 

Globally connected with HotSpot Drive

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