What is the Cloud of Things?

Connecting machines is the technical basis of digitization under Industrie 4.0. It opens up new business models for companies, optimizes production processes, and improves service. The Cloud of Things is Deutsche Telekom’s contribution to the management and control of connected devices. It is an IoT platform that collects sensor data from different machines and evaluates and visualizes them. That takes the user just a few steps. A special mobile gateway is registered and configured on the Cloud of Things, reads out the machine data and sends it to the cloud, where it is shown on the platform’s dashboard.

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Telekom Whitepaper Data Security Cloud of Things

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Cloud Fieldbus Flyer (German)

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Cloud of Things Reference Booklet (German)

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Webinar: A secure Cloud of Things

Join Aleksandra Janiszewska and Dr. Andreas Lorenz in our latest webinar "A secure Cloud of Things for a secure Internet of Things" to learn more about the reasons, types and risks of hacker attacks and how Deutsche Telekom takes account of it by protecting the Cloud of Things with the highest security measures.

Webinar: Cloud of Things - an Overview

Would you like to have a general overview about Cloud of Things and the opportunities it offers you? Join our webinar and learn more about how you control and maintain devices remotely or localize and monitor vehicles and containers on a screen. You will also get an insight into the Cloud of Things platform.

The Cloud of Things: An interactive Overview

What opportunities does the Cloud of Things offer, and where is it already successfully in use? Simply run your mouse pointer along the individual elements in the infographic to find out more about the platform, connectivity and hardware, system integration, industries and business units, and operational management.

Cloud of Things – The Benefits

Boost Efficiency

  • Automate and rationalize processes in the shortest of times
  • Increase the speed of machine processes
  • Reduce error rate significantly
  • Make more exact forecasts and more soundly-based decisions

Create Values    

  • Digitize your business and stay competitive
  • Convert data into values and business intelligence
  • Recognize new and profitable business models
  • Transform products into innovative services 

Reduce Costs    

  • Reduce personnel costs by predictive maintenance
  • Prevent costly machine downtimes
  • Avoid unnecessary material costs
  • Retain total cost control thanks to scalability in the cloud

The Telekom Offering    

  • Professional end-to-end care from consulting to implementation
  • No-risk step-by-step packages
  • Highest standards of security and performance
  • Unlimited connectivity in the best network

See how easy you'll get started    

1.Initial Test Phase with the Starter Kit

  • Inexpensive starter kit for testing
  • Plug & Play: Swift entry at zero integration expense
  • Gateway with SIM card, Sensor Logger,   and data tariff
  • Access to the Cloud of Things
  • Monitor different ratings on the see-at-a-glance dashboard

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2.Field Trial with the Pilot Package

  • Fixed-price entry package
  • Field trial at client’s with all functionalities
  • Integration of an interface
  • Adaptation of web portal by Telekom
  • Two pilot packages available with different depths of integration 

3.Launch the Cloud of Things

  • Launch of the Cloud of Things
  • Complete rollout for all devices and machines
  • Connect with SAP and CRM systems via API interface
  • Extensive hardware and partner portfolio in place
  • Cloud of Things analytics delivers valuable findings 

All important information at a glance: The Cloud of Things web portal

Device management, monitoring, alarms: With the well-arranged Cloud of Things user interface you'll keep all of your devices in view, monitor the data ​​and react to incoming alarms – easy and intuitively.


  • Measure: Have KPIs displayed.
  • Zoom-in: Have detailed values displayed graphically over a period of time.History: View parameters over a period of time.
  • Real-time Display: See device values in real time.


  • Monitor: Monitor all active alert messages centrally and navigate to alert details. 
  • Confirm: Confirm alert message for efficient troubleshooting. 
  • Close: Close alert messages that are irrelevant or have already been processed.

Device Management

  • Organize: Retain control over thousands of M2M devices and organize them in groups. 
  • Find: Localize your devices in map view. 
  • Troubleshoot: Detect error patterns and navigate to device details.

Integrations Partners

Hardware Partners

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