Think out of the Box - When Cows Start Texting

Nowadays calves are announced by text message. Two hours before the cow is about to calve the farmer is informed, enabling him to be in the barn in time to check the birth.

We text at least two messages per day, but did you know that cows can text too? M2M, machine-to-machine communication, is the key and impacts almost all aspects of modern life and work – from the automotive industry to smart cities, from cargo tracking to cattle breeding, from manufacturing to sales. Telematics solutions or remote machine control are M2M solutions which are already part of our everyday lives – sometimes so subtle or ingrained that we do not even notice. But there are many other M2M use cases for which entrepreneurs or developers need to think out of the box.


Take for example Medria Technologies, a French company specialized in monitoring solutions. Based on cows’ specific movements and changes in temperature, Medria built a solution to inform farmers if a cow is on heat or about to calve. A simple look at their mobile phone and an incoming text message tells them. Thanks to this M2M solution, cattle are monitored 24/7 and farmers are informed of certain events by automated text messages. They also benefit from greater security for their cattle and flexibility in managing their time.






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