Mobile World Congress 2017: Feel Connected All Over Europe

NarrowBand IoT: One of our focus topics for 2017. We forge ahead with the new networking technology and present therefore solutions and use cases at the most innovative trade fairs this spring. One of them: the Mobile World Congress 2017.

“Mobile is Everything”: True to this motto, everything mobile was at the Mobile World Congress 2016. And the numbers of last year’s fair were impressive: Nearly 101,000 attendees from 204 countries and territories, more than 2,200 companies, and around 3,600 members of the international press and media gathered in the nine halls and one dozen outdoor spaces. This year, from February 27 to March 2, even more experts on mobile technologies are expected in Barcelona. Innovative products, ground-breaking services, a conference featuring keynotes of renowned speakers and lively discussions, the industry’s best networking opportunities, and the annual Global Mobile Awards ceremony, which recognizes innovative mobile solutions and initiatives around the world, are waiting for the international visitors and participants.

Feeling the connected life

According to our trade fair motto “Feel connected all over Europe” Deutsche Telekom presents at booth 3M31, hall 3, two strategy fields – “Feel the best network” and “Feel the 5G future” – that together create the focus topic “Feel the connected life”. Visitors gain deep insights on the comprehensive European Pan-Net, network security, connectivity services, and the possibilities of 5G and xRAN. And of course, the Internet of Things also plays a vital role. Apart from smart home technology and predictive maintenance solutions, NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) is at the forefront. 

Curtain call for NarrowBand IoT 

The Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology is presented to visitors in a really hands-on way. A miniature model on a touch table gives everyone the possibility to see NB-IoT solutions for smart parking and smart lighting in action. High ranking experts like Dr. Alexander Lautz, senior vice president M2M at Deutsche Telekom, and Dominik Schnieders, programm manager for NB-IoT at Deutsche Telekom, will also be at the site. 

First results of NB-IoT Prototyping Hub

In this context, first results of Deutsche Telekom’s NB-IoT Prototyping Hub will be presented to the public. The initiative, which is coordinated by our start-up accelerator hub:raum’s offices in Berlin and Krakow, wants to develop new products for NarrowBand IoT together with start-ups and partners with the goal to make them market-ready as soon as possible. Apart from our expertise, the participants received a NB-IoT developer’s kit, access to a NB-IoT trial network, help from a personal mentor, and the opportunity to meet potential buyers.

Four start-ups at the booth

On Wednesday, March 1st, Ayyeka, Bee and Me, EcoMobile, and Flashnet – all start-ups from the NB-IoT Prototyping Hub – will demonstrate their developed prototypes in a presentation at the booth. Beyond that, visitors can experience their products during the entire trade fair. But what will they present? 

Three of them provide smart city applications. The Israeli company Ayyeka shows a remote monitoring solution for smart water networks, smart grids, and oil as well as gas pipelines. Because the management of such critical civil infrastructure is vital for cities, Ayyeka developed an end-to-end and cyber-secure monitoring system that processes environmental and network data as fast and easy as possible. 

In contrast, EcoMobile from Croatia concentrates on smart waste management. With their solution, municipalities can equip waste containers with sensors that measure the filling level in regular intervals. The data obtained in this way gets processed at a central platform that calculates the most efficient waste collection route. 

Flashnet from Romania on the other hand offers a smart lighting solution that ensures the right amount of light will be provided where and when needed. “Intelilight” and “Inteligrid” give an accurate real-time feedback of any change occurring in the lighting grid, process the data, reduce energy losses and offer advanced maintenance tools. 

Last but not least there will also be a real high-flyer at the booth: Bee and Me, a start-up from Montenegro, delivers a smart monitoring solution for bees and beehives that can predict and prevent diseases. The result: Beekeepers can reduce the decrease or disappearance of their colony, get a higher yield and ensure sustainability. 

A whole bunch of exciting exhibits – see them for yourself at the Mobile World Congress. Visit us from February 27 to March 2 at booth 3M31, hall 3 in Barcelona; we’re looking forward to it!

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