Mobile World Congress 2016: Summit Meeting of the Mobile Industry

With more than 2,200 exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors from 204 countries, the Who’s Who of the mobile and allied industries met again at the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC), held from February 22 to 25. And Deutsche Telekom was there, of course.

What does “mobile” mean? Which devices are or can become mobile? How does digitization change different industries and, with them, the way people live? MWC exhibitors answered these and other questions over the past four days. With “Mobile is everything” as the MWC’s motto, industry experts and decision makers met in Barcelona to share news and views and initiate new business. The main topics of this year’s Congress were the Internet of Things (IoT) and, especially, the innovative Narrow Band IoT network technology. Apart from international enterprises, a lot of young startup companies presented solutions with M2M and IoT technology.

The organizer GSMA was highly satisfied with the outcome of the Congress. “Mobile World Congress hit a significant milestone in 2016 as visitors to the event surpassed 100,000 for the first time,” said John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd. “This year’s Mobile World Congress incorporated a diverse range of events, spanning multiple sectors and interests, reflecting the expanding role of mobile around the world. We once again enjoyed a tremendously stimulating show, featuring a world-class speaker line-up and a range of cutting-edge product launches that will set the tone for the mobile industry for the remainder of the year and beyond.”

Deutsche Telekom’s showcases at the Mobile World Congress, like the Cloud of Things, Narrow Band IoT and Multi-Domestic Service, were all very well received. “Our presentation at the MWC was a great success. IoT and especially Narrow-Band IoT were the predominant issues at this year’s exhibition. With smart product and service bundles, Deutsche Telekom is ahead of the game,” Dr. Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M, said.

The Innovation City in Hall 3 was a special attraction. Around 40,000 visitors immersed themselves into a Smart City and saw at first hand how digitization could change their day-to-day world. Numerous innovative and interactive exhibits covered the entire range of the industries involved. “Whether it’s remotely monitoring our homes, pets or even livestock, keeping track of our fitness levels or providing real-time information to our cars, intelligent mobile technology underpins it all,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer GSMA, describing what the Innovation City had to offer. Visitors could take their seats in a true-to-life airplane and immerse themselves via smartphones and Oculus Rift headsets into one of four virtual realities. Other highlights of the Smart City were an airport, a café, a farm, a vineyard, shops, and a number of connected cars. Many other exhibitions on connected living, digital commerce, Network 2020, and personal data completed the offering. 

The Global M2M Association (GMA) and Deutsche Telekom were represented in the middle of this unique site alongside other leading exhibitors. They showcased their innovative global mobile M2M communication solution Multi-Domestic Service (MDS), a single global connectivity management platform including an eUICC SIM. The service can be used in 77 markets throughout the combined footprints of the GMA and the Bridge Alliance, who only recently announced their collaboration.

At its own separate booth, Telekom presented another two Internet of Things solutions. The Cloud of Things enables companies to manage their connected products at any time and from anywhere. That makes on-site visits unnecessary. Remote control is easy to use and inexpensive. Sensors attached to or in machines send their data to the Cloud of Things for storage and evaluation. If critical thresholds are exceeded, the platform alerts the operator. Important software updates can also be installed comfortably via the Cloud. And all of this goes on, of course, in the best Telekom network with the highest levels of data protection and data security. As the Cloud of Things is implemented at German data centers, users can rely on compliance with German data protection guidelines.

Where are the networks of the future heading? Telekom’s answer was covered in a presentation on Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT). This innovative, standardized cellular technology is optimized to enable the Internet of Things. It runs on existing operator networks in licensed bands and comes into play where conventional M2M channels are uneconomical or simply do not meet the requirements of the application. More specifically, NB-IoT meets low bandwidth application requirements for many new use cases that require low power, low cost devices with wide area coverage and deep indoor penetration. Last fall, Deutsche Telekom achieved the world’s first implementation of pre-standard NB-IoT on elements of a commercial network by software upgrade only. Completion of the 3GPP specifications is the next important step towards a countrywide market launch.

On top of these product presentations, Deutsche Telekom announced a thrilling cooperation at the MWC. Jointly with other well-known service providers, the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (“ngena”) was founded. It plans to launch international network services for business customers in the first half of 2017. Technology partner is Cisco. In addition to international coverage, ngena will provide a global service catalog to its alliance partners, enabling them to deliver a unique network service experience for enterprise customers – a high performance service in terms of speed, flexibility, security and quality. Through network function virtualization and full end-to-end automation, ngena services are expected to be hugely efficient. The alliance will also enable fast provisioning even in remote places.

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