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M2M connects cars, solar modules, bicycles, forklift trucks, wristwatches, and even cows on the Internet of Things. A technology that used to be dismissed as a technical gimmick for niche products now reaches a mass market. That is why, at industry gatherings like the upcoming M2M Summit in Düsseldorf, it is no longer just a matter of technological but also one of business matters.

It is nearly 25 years since the first household appliance was connected with the Internet. Developer John Romkey was only able to switch his toaster on or off remotely, but in doing so he laid a major milestone in the history of the Internet of Things. Connected household appliances are today a standard feature of the range of electronic goods that is available. A niche offering has been transformed into a wide-ranging mass market.


This trend is taken up on 20 and 21 October at this year’s M2M Summit at the Düsseldorf Congress Center with its motto “M2M – From Technology to Business.” The organizers expect over 1,000 participants from 30 countries to attend. Sixty companies are presenting their products and solutions at the international industry event.


Tomorrow’s bicycle is connected




Deutsche Telekom is represented at the M2M Summit again this year. It is presenting the Canyon Bike Connected, a totally networked bicycle that relays its GPS position, recognizes emergency situations, and sends out an emergency call if required. Various sensors and a communication unit are housed in the bike’s frame. An app shows the rider the mileage he or she has covered, the condition of parts that are subject to wear and tear, and other data. If the brakes are worn out, the rider can order replacement parts via the app. Deutsche Telekom developed the concept and the prototype jointly with bike manufacturer Canyon Bicycles.


Another innovation that Deutsche Telekom will be showcasing at the M2M Summit is Strype. The digital seal with app alert is a result of the M2M Innovation Autobahn, an initiative launched by Deutsche Telekom that implements promising ideas relating to machine-to-machine communication and the Internet of Things jointly with partners. It can be used to monitor a wide range of objects, from tools left on a construction site after work to a remote garden cottage.



Monitor various objects 


The solution consists of a device with a built-in GSM/GPRS module and conductive adhesive tape. To secure an object, the device is simply fixed to it using the adhesive tape. If anyone tampers with it, Strype sends an alert to the owner. The device’s battery runs on standby for up to six months and can then be recharged using a Micro USB adapter.




Deutsche Telekom is also featuring in GX Store a solution specially developed for storage logistics. Companies can use it to monitor the movement and loading behavior of forklift trucks and optimize their routes. This also prevents the misuse of transport vehicles and reduces the risk of damage to goods or equipment. The solution consists of management software and connected devices that with the aid of sensors determine inter alia their location at any given time.


Promising program


Visitors to the M2M Summit can also look forward to exciting talks. Machina Research market researcher Matt Hatton, for example, will be explaining what influence regulation has on the M2M market. Dr. Hans-Peter Grothaus of agricultural machinery manufacturer Claas will deal in his talk, entitled “If agricultural machines talk to each other,” with secure and standardized data interchange between machines.Together with Canyon Bikes Deutsche Telekom will discuss the advantages of connected mobility.


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