M2M Helps Companies Compete along the Entire Value Chain

The number of machine-to-machine network connections has increased fast over the last four years and is expected to reach 250M in 2014. Source: GSMA intelligence


The market analysts at Machina Research expect total annual sales of M2M solutions (including devices, modules, services and data tariffs) to increase six-fold to $1.2 trillion by 2022. It is clear that this constitutes a new technological revolution, one every bit as dramatic as the PC, internet and mobile revolutions that preceded it.


We at Deutsche Telekom are actively participating in this transformation by proving just how many facets of modern life and business can benefit from this comprehensive new wave of digitalization – from the automotive industry to smart cities, from cargo tracking to cattle breeding, from manufacturing to sales. These activities have convinced us of one thing: that we won’t be hitting the limits of the M2M any time soon.


Globalization is one motor of M2M transformation – for instance, you can track the location and condition of a cargo container all around the world from your desk, establishing responsibilities on the one hand and pinpointing the weak points in your logistics chain on the other. The example also demonstrates how enhanced efficiency boosts competitive power to constitute another motor in this revolution. In a related development, we have the plummeting prices of M2M solutions, with sensors and other hardware getting cheaper all the time – more and more companies can afford to benefit from this new competitive edge.




Homing in on these growth motors, we have the imagination and creativity of solution developers all over the world – using their vertical expertise to design the applications business need. And these developers need ecosystems to work in, managed by partners like us. We at Deutsche Telekom have developed significant skills in ecosystem management – because this is where our focus has been for years. Our strategy has been to invite innovation by the partners best equipped to deliver it – for the benefit of our customers. This is what we stand for with our international footprint, huge existing customer base and with our trusted brand.


Our customers entrust their data to us, because they know we will never abuse it. Because they know we are using it to their advantage. We have seen the beginnings of the M2M transformation wave, the cost savings and efficiency benefits of intelligent automation. The challenge now is to generate new value by utilizing the data M2M solutions are providing already, connecting it to other M2M scenarios and to external information like market data or weather forecasts. This datability focus will create more value for businesses and consumers alike by delivering powerful end-to-end solutions that encompass the entire value chain.




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