IoT startup Atooma wins Telekom Innovation Contest

Cars, solar modules, streetlighting and parking spaces, even ballpoint pens, wristwatches, glasses and coffee cups – in the Internet of Things (IoT) everything is connected. But how do we use it? One possible answer is supplied by the automation platform of the Italian startup Atooma, the winner of this year’s Telekom Innovation Contest.


Ten minutes was all the 11 finalists - selected out of 325 teams from 39 countries - had in which to convince the 11 members of the jury that their ideas were the best. In the finals of the second Telekom Innovation Contest, the Champion Pitch, Atooma was up against other startups from Europe and Israel. The Italian startup’s pitch was for a platform that links connected things with services and simplifies the automation of processes.

“Our app makes smart terminal devices even smarter,” says Atooma’s marketing manager Luca Barboni. You leave your apartment, say, and your smartphone recognizes with the aid of GPS that you are more than 50 meters away from your home and notifies Atooma. The platform then activates all of the predefined actions in your apartment, switching the alarm on, the bathroom light off, and the central heating down. With Atooma you can program your connected everyday life yourself, and you can do it without any programming knowledge.



What does the user need? Just Atooma’s Android app, which offers a selection of predefined rules. If they are not enough, you can quickly draw up new rules of your own, and if you want you can make these new rules available for other Atooma users. Atooma supports many products and services such as Pebble or Gear Watch or Dropbox and Gmail already. If you want to integrate your devices and services into Atooma yourself you can do so by using the startup’s programming tools and interfaces. An easy start into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Together with Deutsche Telekom advanced innovation ecosystem – consisting of Telekom Innovation Laboratories, hub:raum incubators Berlin, Krakow, Tel Aviv –  Atooma is now sounding out which resources the Italian team needs to continue to grow and how Atooma is to extend the number of innovation partners of Deutsche Telekom. One of their next stops will be at “Lange Nacht der Startups” on September 6th in Berlin, where the organizers from Telekom Innovation Laboratories expect more that 6,000 guests.

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