Innovation at the NB-IoT Prototyping Hub

NB IoT Prototyping Hub Summit

New products for a new network: A select group of start-ups working at Deutsche Telekom’s NB-IoT Prototyping Hub is creating innovative solutions for the new networking technology Narrowband IoT. They will present their latest products on March 16 in Bonn.

The Internet of Things – or IoT for short – is on the verge of going mainstream. And experts consider the new networking technology Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) perfectly suited to connecting countless IoT objects. To support this important effort, Deutsche Telekom set up the NB-IoT Prototyping Hub. Under the auspices of its incubator hub:raum, selected start-ups have the chance to develop new products and adapt existing ones for use with Narrowband IoT. The first prototypes transmitting data via NB-IoT have already been built and pilot projects are in the realization.

The start-up partners at the Prototyping Hub receive key technical support – an NB-IoT developer’s kit and access to a test network – as well as material help in the form of Deutsche Telekom’s extensive pool of mentors, expertise and business contacts. The goal is simple: Emphasize and extend leadership in the NB-IoT field by bringing new products to market as soon as possible.

NB-IoT Prototyping Hub Summit on March 16

As this group project nears completion, Deutsche Telekom will host 16 of the participating start-ups together with their advisors, mentors and potential customers in the Telekom Forum, Landgrabewenweg 151 in Bonn. ). This Summit will provide a platform for their latest NB-IoT innovations. Each start-up will make a short pitch, introducing their company and presenting their product. Afterward, the firms will take part in a networking event open to the public from 15:00. Each company will have a booth allowing visitors a closer look at the prototypes and see them in action linked to Deutsche Telekom’s live NB-IoT network.

Networking with an exchange of ideas

The marketplace and an adjacent lounge will provide an informal opportunity to speak with developers and experts. A further exchange of ideas will take place during an informative panel discuss and the event’s coffee breaks. Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom board member for Technology and Innovation, will open the event by highlighting the particular relevance of the new networking standard. Then Senior Vice President Business Operations Tomasz Gerszberg and Senior Vice President M2M Unit Alexander Lautz will give details on advantages of NB-IoT and its potential areas of application.

Up close with 16 start-ups

Split into four categories, the following 16 start-ups will attend the event on March 16 in Bonn:
Smart Utilities: Abaro, Ayyeka,, Elmodis, s4tech
Smart Parking: ASN, Mobilisis
Smart Tracking: Datalong16, HereO, Life Plus, TICATAG
Smart Waste Management: EcoBins, EcoMobile, GreenQ
Smart Building: Radgreen
Smart Lighting: Flashnet

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