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Multi touch table: Mobile World Congress booth

The smartphone shows you where a parking space is still available, controls your domestic heating remotely or helps you to find a dog that has gone missing. Telekom is showcasing at this year’s embedded world in Nuremberg the network technology that will make all of this possible. An interactive model table will show the shape of things to come. The technical equipment that these IoT networks require will be explained by Dr. Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M, Deutsche Telekom, in his keynote address to the congress that accompanies the trade fair.

Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks are the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that have until now been missing for IoT connection via the mobile network. What makes these networks especially attractive is their low energy consumption and wide range. They are particularly suited for connected large numbers of devices that send only small amounts of data (narrow band), use low-cost modems, and are easy to manage. At the Telekom booth in Hall 5’s M2M Area an innovative presentation makes it clear how the system functions. The interactive table features five different usage scenarios, how they are connected and what use they are. 

Watch data flows as they flow

The server and the radio mast are fixed reference points at the interactive table. At the touch of a button a connected object starts to move and data starts to flow. At the same time the user sees what advantages IoT connection offers. “It’s a smart world” is the motto of this year’s embedded world and visitors will see at the interactive table how the smartphone guides the motorist to the nearest free parking space or a runaway dog can quickly be caught in the park by means of GPS tracking. In this world, street lighting is managed just as smartly on a needs basis as is waste disposal, and shipping containers can notify customers exactly when the goods will reach their destination. 

A forklift truck talks with the cloud 

embedded world visitors can also see at the Telekom booth how a connected forklift truck notifies the system in advance of when it is next due for a service. On site will be a vehicle from Hubtex, the leading international manufacturer of customized industrial trucks and side loaders. In order to further improve its service processes and make them as cost-efficient as possible, Hubtex has recently begun, if customers so wish, to connect its machines with the Telekom IoT solution the Cloud of Things. Equipped with a gateway, vehicles now send real-time operating hours, battery charge state and, maybe, error code data to the Cloud of Things. Installing software updates remotely and reading error codes save the manufacturer and its customers time and money because the Hubtex technicians are called out less often and, if they are called out, can set out with the right spare parts and tools on board. That facilitates maximum machine availability and minimizes costly production outages. 

Internet of Things – The technology is in place

At the expert congress held alongside the trade fair Dr. Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M, Deutsche Telekom, will delve deep into the technology of future IoT networks. In his keynote “The Next Decade of IoT Networks” Dr. Lautz will outline the state of play on Narrow Band IoT. Running on released GSM or unused LTE frequencies, this technology gets by with a spectrum of 200 kHz. Costs are manageable. NB-IoT modules are inexpensive to manufacture and use very little energy. If need be, they can run for years on a single battery. In a first successful test in the Deutsche Telekom network last fall the base stations were NB-IoT enabled by a simple software upgrade. As soon as the technology is standardized a nationwide rollout can go ahead. Dr. Lautz is delivering his keynote on Wednesday, February 24, from 9.30 to 10 a.m.

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