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Polluted air – you can’t see it, but it could be deadly. The Israeli start-up RadGreen developed an easy to use solution to monitor environments for the presence of hazards. With the strategic cooperation with Deutsche Telekom – and connectivity in its Narrowband IoT network – RadGreen sets out to revolutionize smart cities all over Europe.

A few years ago, Sigalit Mutzafi was looking for an apartment in a new neighbourhood. In order to pick the right one, she wanted to check the environmental information to support her decision. But she couldn’t find anything. On the grounds that she wouldn’t be the only one to look for this kind of information, she together with Erez Mutzafi started to invent a smart solution for environmental monitoring. The result: RadGreen, a start-up based in Israel that develops unique, innovative, and comprehensive environmental management solutions to make life safer and easier.

Air pollution: a problem of our time

“There is a huge gap between existing information about air pollution and needed information,” says Sigalit Mutzafi. But why is the need to know that big? A recent study by the International Energy Agency found out that 6.5 million deaths are due to air pollution each year. That number is bigger than the deaths caused by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and road injuries together. Additionally, bad air quality brings major costs to the economy and fundamental damages to the environment. And the disadvantages aren’t limited to the outdoors – the inside is equally affected by clean or polluted air. A survey by the World Green Building Council attributes a doubling of cognitive scores for people who work in well-ventilated offices with low concentrations of CO², volatile organic compounds and other pollutants. 

A smart solution for clean air

To ensure such a productive work environment as well as safe surroundings in and outside of other buildings, you have to monitor air pollution figures. Right now, the equipment to meet this need is so expensive that only large municipalities or governments can afford it. So, naturally, only few monitoring stations exist, and they can’t guarantee clean air inside every company, school, and on every street. 

“We developed a small, compact and affordable solution for air condition monitoring that can be used indoor and outdoor and we see a huge market for such a product,” says Sigalit Mutzafi. To meet the interest of insurance and high-tech companies as well as municipalities and the healthcare sector, RadGreen can monitor environmental data almost everywhere by using 17 different sensors that collect information about air quality, humidity, noise, gases, and radiation and transmit them to an IoT platform. Here, the data gets analysed so users can gain insights on patterns and receive practical recommendations. This is a huge plus for safety: The moment predefined thresholds are exceeded, an alert is sent to the user via SMS or email. Thanks to common APIs, the solution can even be integrated into building management software to automatically steer air conditioning systems. 

Cheap and practical thanks to Narrowband IoT

During the development phase, RadGreen was planned to run on cellular or WiFi networks – a possible, but expensive and unpractical solution. The newly standardized network technology Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) offers a much better option. A large range, the ability to address a larger number of devices per cell, low energy consumption so that one battery lasts for a really long time, and low production and operating costs predestine NB-IoT for smart city solutions like RadGreen. “I think Narrowband IoT will prove to be revolutionary for products like ours,” is Sigalit Mutzafi’s opinion. “With it, connectivity is simply no longer an issue.” Due to taking part in Deutsche Telekom’s NB-IoT Prototyping Hub, the company’s initiative to develop together with selected partners and start-ups cutting-edge products for the NB-IoT network, RadGreen gains from Deutsche Telekom’s connections and expertise in this field and can use the connectivity.

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