CeBIT: M2M Beneath Magenta Shades

From connected keys to smart suitcases: at CeBIT in Hannover Deutsche Telekom presented a wide range of M2M solutions across vertical industries and use cases.


A large Airbus fuselage in the middle of the CeBIT booth had less to do with airplanes than with smart airline baggage. Airbus, RIMOWA and T-Systems presented at CeBIT their Bag2Go, the first smart suitcase that makes travel easier for airline passengers. The owner can use an app to check where the suitcase is anytime, anywhere. The suitcase comes complete with a wireless module and display. The owner inputs via the app the travel dates and the case’s weight and relays the data to the airline. Software then converts the data into an enycrypted barcode and sends it to the smart suitcase’s display. The case can then be securely identified and lost airline baggage will be a thing of the past.


Tracking by M2M


The Austrian startup Locca, which presents its M2M solution at the Telekom booth too, took a different approach. With its tracking solutions, designed for universal use, missing pets, mislaid keys, and stolen bicycles or cars can be found fast and easily. Five different technologies ensure that mobile valuables can be located precisely. For transmitting the tracking signal Locca uses built-in M2M Telekom SIM cards. The app then enables the user to find out in real time exactly where the runaway dog or the stolen bicycle is.




In addition to presenting M2M solutions for private customers, Telekom featured a tracking solution for small and midrange enterprises (SMEs). Trucking companies can use it to follow in real time the routes that their vehicle fleet take around the world and thereby optimize their shipping routes. Along with locating vehicles, the condition of the goods carried can also be monitored. Container break-ins or the temperature inside refrigerated containers are registered, for example, and when products that are sensitive to shock are involved, the manufacturer has additional information for the insurance if the consignment is damaged when it reaches the customer.


M2M production control


LEGO fans were well catered for in Hannover. T-Systems combined M2M and Big Data and exhibited jointly with its partner Empolis a LEGO robot with a sensor-controlled arm that sorts components. The robot records up to 1,000 data points per second that are analyzed in the Big Data cloud. The faults it forecasts enable preventive maintenance work to be carried out and reduce unforeseen downtimes.


M2M can be used in all manner of industries and scenarios, as the examples on show at CeBIT and the MWC demonstrate.





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