Camping Goes Online With Moving Hotspot

If you visit one of the largest public trade fairs for tourism and leisure, you probably won’t expect Deutsche Telekom. But at this year’s CMT in Stuttgart the company was represented with its partner Eura Mobil. Together they displayed a new feature for caravans: a mobile hotspot.


Vacationing in a caravan can be a fun family experience. Imagine soothing nature and a relaxing atmosphere, dinner under the stars, and breakfast in the sun. But sometimes it is also good to be connected to the outside world, like on rainy days, when leaving the camper is not an option and the kids can’t go and play outside. Deutsche Telekom’s mobile hotspot solution - Moving Hotspot - for in-vehicle use provides vacationers with a dependable Internet connection, anytime, anywhere, to make boring days inside a thing of the past. Moving Hotspot allows for activities such as uploading vacation pictures, sending greetings to loved ones at home, or staying up to date with the latest news.


At CMT, the world's largest public trade fair for tourism and leisure, this offering was displayed together with Eura Mobil. Today, we would like to share some impressions from the fair, which took place in Stuttgart, Germany.


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