O’zapft is! Beer mugs become part of the Internet of Things

Costumes, rides and beer tents - all things that await visitors to the Oktoberfest in Munich. In the future, overhearing terms such as Arduino, Spark Core or REST should come as no surprise to anyone there. That’s because the Internet of Things has reached the Oktoberfest. Two hackers are there to test a home-made networked beer stein. Find out more

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M2M-Giant China

The Western M2M industry looks to East Asia. According to the GSMA study, “How China is set for global M2M leadership”, with 50 million connections at the end of 2013, China is the world market leader in M2M connectivity. How did it happen? Here’s a look at the findings of the study. Find out more

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How intelligent transportation systems are changing mobility

Fleet managers are recording vehicle positions and driving behavior, cities and local authorities are collecting information about traffic flows, and private cars are increasingly becoming a source of data. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are on the advance, and with their data and services our understanding of mobility is also changing fast. Find out more

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Horizon 2020: Paving the Way for a Digital Europe

In Europe, information and communication technologies will continue to spur on innovation, economic growth and progress. That, at least, is the stated aim of the Digital Agenda for Europe. To achieve this objective the European Commission has launched a multi-billion euro research program, Horizon 2020. Find out more

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“We wish to see a plug-and-play standard for the Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things has reached day-to-day business. Companies rely on cloud-based platforms to manage the growing amounts of data and rising numbers of devices and users in accordance with needs. They not only help with management but also serve as a construction kit for the Internet of Things. Cumulocity is one of these platforms. All about M2M here discusses the development of applications and standards with Cumulocity’s CTO Stefan Vaillant. Find out more

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Smart City: Street Lighting 2.0

Street light maintenance is expensive. That’s why many cities are trying out intelligent lighting systems that can be remotely controlled. These networked lamps do more than just light up: they constitute the nodes of a mesh network and complement the communication infrastructure of the Smart City. Find out more


IoT startup Atooma wins Telekom Innovation Contest

Cars, solar modules, streetlighting and parking spaces, even ballpoint pens, wristwatches, glasses and coffee cups – in the Internet of Things (IoT) everything is connected. But how do we use it? One possible answer is supplied by the automation platform of the Italian startup Atooma, the winner of this year’s Telekom Innovation Contest. Find out more


Smart City: Pisa is testing the future of parking and mobility management

Pisa is traditionally known for its Leaning Tower and picturesque cityscape. Soon the Tuscan city will also be known as a Smart City. Since this week Deutsche Telekom has helped motorists in a pilot project to find parking spaces faster and to pay for them by smartphone. Find out more

How M2M takes motor sport forward

The smell of oil, the sound of tires rotating and a screen with constantly moving circles on a virtual map of the Nordschleife – at the legendary 24-hour Nürburgring race in Germany, racing fans are familiar with all of the details. But few of them know that racing teams monitor their cars with a machine-to-machine (M2M) solution. Find out more

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The Internet of Things: How It All Took Shape

Everything is connected nowadays – cars, containers, streetlighing, parking lots, even ballpoint pens, wristwatches, glasses, and coffee cups. Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and the Internet of Things are increasingly shaping our everyday lives. To trace how this trend has developed we have listed the most important events in a timeline. If you feel you need to know more, check out the chronology on the Postscapes website. Find out more

M2M Device Cloud - How to Manage the Growing Number of Connected Objects

The Internet of Things has reached everyday business activities. Companies and solution providers are relying on cloud-based platforms to manage the growing numbers of connected devices and data. Find out more

Fleet Management by M2M

Telematics solutions are reputed to be expensive and not yet mature, but that is a prejudice. They have now cleared the hurdles of their early days and are used in fleet management around the world – also in the Philippines. Find out more

How the Internet of Things is Changing the Vending Business

In the vending industry telemetry solutions were long considered to be half-baked and too expensive. Since then, solutions have resolved the initial problems and now help operators to increase the profitability of their vending machines and optimize their business processes. Find out more

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Climate savior M2M?

Only half the Statue of Liberty still peeps out of a landscape covered in snow and ice with the icebound skyline of New York in the background. Roland Emmerich’s vision of climate change is still a remote prospect, but the recently published report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows yet again that action is required. Find out more

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M2M Protects Cultural Heritage

A hill with 19 chapels, any number of pilgrims and in the middle of it all an M2M solution. How machine-to-machine communication helps preserve a world heritage site and catch thieves. Find out more