Impressions from Mobile World Congress 2015

In the past week experts from the mobile and communications industry gathered in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress to learn about new innovations. More than 2,000 exhibitors showcased their innovative products and solutions to more than 93,000 visitors from 200 countries. Deutsche Telekom was also represented. The family app myKIDIO and a new service from the GMA were among the major attractions at the booth. Find out more

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Three Things that Raspberry Pi Puts on the Net

Few innovations have caused such a stir among the makers in recent years as Raspberry Pi. Since it was launched a large number of projects have taken shape, including in the Internet of Things. All about M2M presents three of them. Find out more


Camping Goes Online With Moving Hotspot

If you visit one of the largest public trade fairs for tourism and leisure, you probably won’t expect Deutsche Telekom. But at this year’s CMT in Stuttgart the company was represented with its partner Eura Mobil. Together they displayed a new feature for caravans: a mobile hotspot. Find out more

Home Automation: “When you collaborate, it takes the world further forward”

When 12-year-olds experiment with switchable power sockets, most parents will probably break out into a cold sweat, but Kai Kreuzer’s parents weren’t scared. Today, Kreuzer is a developer evangelist at Deutsche Telekom. In this interview with ‘All about M2M’ the Connected Home expert talks about the development of home automation and the advantages of open source projects. Find out more

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Connected Devices - From Product to Service

Connected devices enable new business and sales models, be they consumables on a subscription basis or remote inspections. Thanks to cloud-based IoT platforms SMBs are now also able to provide service-oriented offerings of this kind. Find out more

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Looking Back on the Year: More Things on the Internet

Digital connectivity has made further headway in the business world this year and there are initial signs that end consumers are about to boost demand for connected solutions. Yet the Internet of Things is still very much in the early stages of its development. That is why All about M2M is presenting what was important in 2014 and what will be important next year. Find out more

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M2M connects Christmas

If it snows during Advent – the runup to Christmas –, most people look forward to a White Christmas, sleigh rides, and mulled wine. But there is another side to snow and ice. Driving snow and icy roads regularly cause traffic chaos. Yet a number of M2M solutions help ensure that gift parcels find their way to the foot of the tree in time for Christmas. Find out more

How the Industrial Internet of Things is Influencing the Growth Potential of Corporations

Digitization is increasingly changing the business world. The car rider service taxi app Uber, for example, is in the process of transforming the taxi business. Similar changes lie ahead for industry with the Internet of Things, says Prith Banerjee, Managing Director of Global Technology R&D at Accenture. Find out more

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Five TED Talks on the Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things develops in the future will depend not only on technologies. Visions and ideas that take a differentiated, and at times critical, approach to the connected world are of crucial importance – and TED Talks are an outstanding platform for this debate. Find out more

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Why Crowdfunding for Your IoT Project

From coffee makers and refrigerators that tweet to BBQ thermometers that are connected, in the maker movement the Internet of Things has fallen on fertile ground. In blogs and forums, makers discuss ideas and prototypes intensively. If a prototype is to become a product and the creator a startup, the road to success is via crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. All about M2M presents a number of projects that have been funded successfully by crowdfunding and explains what creators need to bear in mind when they are planning to raise capital in this way. Find out more

Electromobility: Batteries of the Future are Connected

Efficient batteries are one of the greatest challenges that electromobility faces. In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, e-bility has developed an M2M solution for the battery of its Kumpan scooter. Sensors check the battery’s status and an app helps the scooter’s owner to take care of it. The Kraftpaket 2.0’s prototype was unveiled at the Intermot trade show in Cologne. All about M2M discussed the next generation of batteries with e-bility CEO Patrik Tykesson. Find out more

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Consumers Discover the Internet of Things

Companies have so far determined the demand for M2M and IoT solutions. That is now changing. A recent study shows that more and more end consumers are interested in connected products. What is commonplace in factories and workshops is now making headway in people’s homes. Find out more

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Data from the Light Bulb

The growing Internet of Things needs higher data transmission capacities. That is why industry and scientific research are not only concerned with the expansion of existing networks. They are also sounding out entirely new transmission routes. Two current examples are Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks and Visual Light Communications (VLC). Find out more


M2M Summit: Welcome to Connected Reality

M2M connects cars, solar modules, bicycles, forklift trucks, wristwatches, and even cows on the Internet of Things. A technology that used to be dismissed as a technical gimmick for niche products now reaches a mass market. That is why, at industry gatherings like the upcoming M2M Summit in Düsseldorf, it is no longer just a matter of technological but also one of business matters. Find out more

Communicate instead of command

Computers are pervading more and more areas of life, changing communication between humans and computers in particular. On the one hand, classical input and output media such as keyboards and monitors are declining in importance; on the other, connectedness and the sensory capabilities of devices are on the increase. So how are we as humans supposed to communicate with all these machines? What shape is natural interaction for applications on the Internet of Things to take? Find out more