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Our Approach

 Accomplish more within an ecosystem


Drive the global M2M ecosystem
Machine-to-machine solutions entail many different building blocks – from hardware and connectivity to the design of new business models. Deutsche Telekom aims to put the pieces of this complex ecosystem together. Acting as a single point of contact, we support our customers in meeting all M2M challenges: solution setup, global service delivery with best coverage, rollout, operations support, management, and much more.

Offer end-to-end solutions
Our goal is to offer customers all-inclusive end-to-end solutions from a single source. Instead of having to deal with several suppliers, customers get everything they need from Deutsche Telekom as a one-stop M2M provider. We make it as easy as possible for companies in all industries, end users, developers, and partners to conceptualize, develop, and deploy M2M solutions that add value fast. Take a look at our offers.

Succeed with partnerships and open platforms
We believe that collaboration and open platforms are the key to take the M2M ecosystem forward. More than 600 companies from 56 countries participate in the M2M Partner Program, a global platform for offering and finding M2M solutions. Deutsche Telekom’s M2M Marketplace is the world’s first online shop dedicated to M2M and the Internet of Things. For developers and startups, the Developer Community offers everything you need to connect machines and create new solutions.

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