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  • M2M Device Cloud

    Deutsche Telekom's M2M Device Cloud offers
    cloud-based storage and M2M device management
    as a service.


  • D2C Ready Program


    Deutsche Telekom's Device to Cloud Certification
    includes several services, from integration pre-check,
    specification, and test plan up to listing the certified
    product on Deutsche Telekom's M2M Marketplace.


  • Parking & Mobility Management


    Deutsche Telekom's modular Parking and Mobility
    Management solution provides management,
    analysis and optimization functionalities for all
    activities and processes.


  • Street Lighting Management


    Since legislative institutions have issued directives
    for economical lighting systems, the shift to more
    efficient solutions is an inevitable challenge for
    many cities across the world.


  • Solar Power Plant Management


    The proper functioning of every single component in a
    photovoltaic system has to be guaranteed. Remote
    management solutions tailored to the equipment of
    solar plants meet exactly this need.


  • Water Flow Management


    The management of water flow in populated areas
    ranks among the most important aspects of public
    infrastructure. Remote management solutions enable
    maintenance crews to have all necessary information available.


  • Wind Power Plant Management


    The proper functioning of every single component of a
    wind tower has to be guaranteed. Remote management
    solutions tailored to the equipment of wind farms meet
    exactly this need.


  • Remote Equipment Management


    Monitoring and managing machines and devices
    remotely is an essential requirement for manufacturers
    and operators of industrial equipment to remain competitive.
    Deutsche Telekom and partners now offer a fitting solution.


  • Serial Switch Network


    Enabling remote access to equipment by
    Serial Switch Network offers a secure and
    efficient way to maintain assets remotely.


  • Vending Telemetry


    Telemetry solutions are becoming increasingly
    important for vending operators to face upcoming
    challenges in the vending industry.


  • Real Time Cargo Monitoring 


    Every day around the world, more than 16 million
    are in transit. By actively managing the
    entire supply chain
    , importers, exporters – and
    their customers – have a competitive advantage.

  • M2M Consulting


    M2M communications makes
    workflows simpler and processes
    leaner. M2M Consulting supports
    you in deploying M2M solutions.


  • M2M Training


    Deutsche Telekom offers a range of
    training packages for companies
    in need to expand their knowledge
    in the M2M sector.



Industries and References

Automated communication between machines can boost your business. Deutsche Telekom has identified nine industries that profit the most.


Our Approach

Many years of experience in M2M and its unrivaled partnering approach make Deutsche Telekom one of the leading forces in the M2M business.

Partner Portal

The M2M Partner Portal is a global network for offering and finding M2M solutions and services.



The M2M Marketplace is the world’s first online shop for M2M products.


M2M Blog
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